5 Truths About the IIoT

Many companies are hesitant to implement new technology. Even if customers are not ready to integrate their systems right away, they will want to implement an IIoT strategy to keep up with their competition. When customers decide to implement the IIoT concept, your machine should be ready without the need for downtime and replacements. Despite the benefits, companies may not recognize the full value of starting implementation early. Too often, they have fears about how difficult or costly the process is. Here are some of the most common things to remember,

Maple Systems HMI: Flexible, Powerful, and IIoT-Ready

Our IIoT customers depend on our HMIs to streamline operations, improve productivity, and ultimately stay ahead of the competition. Read on to learn how.

Headless HMIs: Making Remote Access Easy

As part of our HMI Series, Maple Systems offers several headless HMIs that are tailored for remote access. EasyAccess 2.0 allows you to instantly and securely communicate with one of these versatile units from anywhere in the world. Monitor PLC operations, gather data, and remotely access your control system via the cMT Viewer App on your Apple/Android smart phone or from your own tablet/laptop/PC.

Drop-in Solutions to Modernize Your Automation Infrastructure

Communication Gateways, interface with hundreds of different types of controllers. They aggregate data, publish and subscribe to MQTT topics, read and write from Relational Databases, sync up with SCADA systems, and much more. Even better, without modifying the applications you already have in place.

Maple Systems HMIs + SQL Databases

Our HMIs allow you to connect to SQL Databases wherever they may be hosted: locally, off-site, or in the cloud. With Maple Systems SQL Database Integrations, you get streamlined storage, collection, and organization of operations data in a standardized SQL format.

Unifying IT & OT with a HMI or Headless HMI

Put your mind at ease. The Maple Solution with MQTT on one of our HMIs or Headless HMIs checks all the boxes. Before deploying new technologies and rolling out new infrastructure, IT Admins need assurances. Their jobs depend on their ability to monitor networks and scale out infrastructure. Read more on how our HMIs meet the increased demands.

HMIs Double as Edge-of-Network Gateways

A HMI, Headless HMI, or Communication Gateway can serve as an edge gateway device for IIoT installations. In this solution we explore two different companies’ approach to integrating Maple Systems into their IIoT solution.

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