What Security features does MAPware-7000 provide?

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What Security features does MAPware-7000 provide?

MAPware-7000 provides multiple security options depending on the HMI + PLC (HMC) series that include custom Access Levels, Protecting Project Screens, and Password Protections.

The Access Level feature available on the HMC3000 Series allows you to create users and passwords assigned to different access levels. These levels can then be assigned to screens and used to restrict access. When accessing a protected screen, a “Screen access denied” error will show for users that have not logged in or do not have the required level of access.

Additional features:

  • Auto log out feature
  • Alphanumeric usernames and passwords
  • Ability to change passwords during runtime
  • Up to 255 Access Levels
  • Predefined user login screen
  • Display specific screen once a user has logged on

Screens can also be individually protected by creating a password in the Screen Properties dialog box. Once entered, any future operator must enter the correct screen password using an on-screen numeric pop-up keypad in order to get to that screen.

MAPware-7000 also offers the ability to password-protect the entire development project to protect your intellectual property. If a password is created in the project configuration window, the correct password must be entered to open the project file for review or editing.

Note: A project password is not required. It is not possible to recover a project if the password has been forgotten or lost. All remote access web screens are protected and require a username and password.

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