What kind of screens can I make for my HMI+PLC (HMC) using MAPware-7000?

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What kind of screens can I make for my HMI+PLC (HMC) using MAPware-7000?

In MAPware-7000, you can configure or define a screen to be one of the following:

Base Screen: Create as many base screens as needed for your application. Use buttons or tasks to change from one screen to another. A base screen fills the entire area of the display.

Pop-up Screen: A pop-up screen is displayed on top of a base screen and can be used to display additional information related to the base screen. A pop-up screen must be smaller than the underlying base screen.

Template Screen: A template screen also fills the entire area of the display, but is not called directly by a button or function key. A template screen is displayed by attaching it to a base screen. When displayed, all objects on the template screen are underlaid on the base screen.

Keypad Screen: A keypad screen is a specialized pop-up screen used to enter numbers or ASCII characters in a data entry display. There are four pre-defined pop-up keypad screens: numeric keypad, hex keypad, bit keypad, and ASCII keypad. The pre-defined keypad screens can be edited. Additionally, custom keypads can be created.

Web Screen: Web screens are viewed by connecting to the HMI + PLC’s built-in web server with an Internet browser. The HMI + PLC’s web screens display in the browser as if it were a website, providing remote access to the unit for viewing system status information.

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