What is the MAPware-7000 Modbus Tag Converter Utility?

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What is the MAPware-7000 Modbus Tag Converter Utility?

The MAPware-7000 Modbus Tag Converter Utility will take an exported Native Ladder MAPware-7000 tag file and convert the register addresses to their Modbus Slave addresses in a format that can be imported into EBPro (our HMI Programming Software).

The conversion utility can be found in the Maple Systems Technical Support Center, under Software Downloads & Upgrades. It is also installed with the MAPware-7000 v2.35 March 2nd, 2019 release or later and is located in the C:MapleSystemsMAPware-7000 directory.

Refer to Tech Note 7015, “MAPware-7000 Modbus Tag Converter Utility” for step-by-step instructions.

MAPware-7000 projects using IEC 61131-3 programming must assign Modbus addresses manually. Refer to Tech Note 7016, “Modbus Communication in MAPware-7000” for more information on IEC Modbus addressing.

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