What is the Debug feature in MAPware-7000?

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What is the Debug feature in MAPware-7000?

The Debug feature is available in the Native Ladder programming mode in MAPware-7000 and provides various functions that can be helpful when troubleshooting the ladder logic in your HMI + PLC (HMC).

A Debugger allows users to slow down the execution of a ladder logic sequence to a human time scale so that they can see what the Maple Systems HMI + PLC or PLC is doing one ladder instruction at a time. This is the best way to understand what the logic is doing while it is occurring.

The Debugger allows the user to set breakpoints to halt execution at a particular point in the logic and then step through, one instruction at a time, watching the data fields update at each and every step. To use the Debug options, you must be online.
Debug mode is currently available only when Native Ladder mode is being used. Up to eight breakpoints can be set to pause logic operation at different points. The watch window can be used to monitor tags while debugging, and variables can be added or removed during runtime.

Supported debugging commands:

  • Set Breakpoint – set a breakpoint where you would like the logic to pause.
  • Go to Breakpoint – execute logic up to the next set breakpoint.
  • Remove Breakpoint – remove a breakpoint that is no longer needed.
  • Single Step – execute ladder logic one instruction at a time.
  • Single Scan – forces the ladder logic to perform a single scan, then stops at the current active step instruction.
  • Show/Hide Watch Window – displays the watch window. Similar to the Data Monitor Window, the watch window is only available in Debug mode and is used to watch specified address tags.

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