What is the Data Logger in MAPware-7000?

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What is the Data Logger in MAPware-7000?

The Data Logger available in the HMI + PLC (HMC) Series is used to record values of tags over time. Data is collected and stored in the HMI + PLC’s non-volatile memory or attached SD card and can be displayed on the HMI + PLC screen using the Historical Trend or Real Time Trend objects.

The Data Logging feature is most often used for data acquisition where the HMI + PLC gathers and saves important process information for analysis. Data logging is configured in groups. Up to four groups can be created, and each group can have a maximum of 30 registers. Up to 20MB of internal memory or 32GB of external SD card memory can be configured for data logging.

Data logging can start immediately on power up or the start times can be pre-configured in the Data Logger Start Time/Stop Time fields. Data logging start and stop times can be controlled by a push-button or a system bit. Data logged to the external SD card can be sent to an external FTP server at a user specified periodic interval (HMC3000 Series only).

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