What are the benefits of CAN? CANbus?

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What are the benefits of CAN? CANbus?

Integrating CANbus communication offers several advantages for industrial automation industries:

Speed: CAN data transfer speeds far outperform traditional analog wiring since multiple messages can be sent simultaneously to all connected devices, sensors or actuators.

Flexibility: Because of its single cable, two-wire structure, CANbus offers enhanced installation and maintenance flexibility. CAN-connected systems not only contain significantly less wire, making them easier to install, but adding new components to a system requires far less development while also greatly reducing complications in diagnosing and addressing signal problems.

Reliability: In addition to being far less sensitive to magnetic interference than analog wiring, CAN communication also requires fewer cables and connectors, drastically cutting down on points of failure.

Cost: The lower hardware costs and minimal signal processing requirements make CAN an ideal solution for embedded applications requiring multi-processor communication on a budget.

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