What are the benefits of adding Wi-Fi to my Factory?

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What are the benefits of adding Wi-Fi to my Factory?

Some benefits of implementing a Wi-Fi network in your factory include:

Costs by Creating a Wireless Network: Wi-Fi can solve applications where wiring is impractical or too expensive. There’s no need to run expensive Ethernet or Serial cables throughout your plant. Add a Wi-Fi router to your network and you’re ready to go.

Flexibility in Communications and Troubleshooting: Use a Wi-Fi enabled laptop to troubleshoot your machines without having to find a network access point or carry around extra cables.

Ease of Expandability: Aside from the initial ease of setup for a Wi-Fi network, wireless networks can serve a suddenly-increased number of clients with the existing equipment. In a wired network, additional clients would require additional wiring.

Maple Systems has a variety of Wi-Fi solutions that include HMIs, Servers, Gateways, and Industrial PCs.

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