Set RTC in HMC (MAPware7000)


Set RTC in HMC (MAPware7000)

To set the RTC on the screen, you can import a pop up screen
from the start up project for the model of HMC that you are using.

To import the screen into your current project, select one
of your base screens and go to Screen > Import screen and navigate to the
start up project:

The start up projects install with MAPware7000 in the file
path “C:MapleSystemsMAPware-7000Projects”.

Select the startup project file with the same model as your current project, for example, if you are using the HMC3070A-M, select project file “HMC3070AM

Next, select the “SetRTC” popup screen and click Import.

data-filename=”image.png” style=”width: 472px;”>

Add a button to open this popup screen into your project.

After downloading this project to your HMC, you will now be able to modify the RTC from your HMC screen.

Content Created by Jeff Robertson
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