I need help with PID Loop Configuration.

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I need help with PID Loop Configuration.

Tech Note 7013, “PID Loop Configuration” explains the PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) instructions available in MAPware-7000 for Maple Systems HMI + PLC and PLC products.

The PID function is used to control process variables such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, or flow rate. Because the controlled process characteristics vary widely, this guide explains basic/general methods to use the PID function. For precise PID tuning, knowledge of the process being controlled is required.

The Tech Note describes how to configure a PID Loop in Native Ladder and in IEC programming mode. In Native Ladder, you cannot use floating point values for the PID parameters. Therefore, it is recommended that you use IEC programming for projects requiring PID control with floating point (REAL) data types.

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