How to find the IP address of an HMC or MLC on a network

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How to find the IP address of an HMC or MLC on a network


To view the programmed Ethernet parameters of your HMC2, HMC3 or HMC7 on the network, press and hold the lower right corner of the screen while powering on. 

On a HMC4 series screen, press/click and hold the top left corner of the screen for 5 seconds while the device is powered on.


Finding the unknown IP address of a MLC is trickier since it does not have a display. If you are using a static IP address, probably the easiest solution is to simply download the Ethernet parameters from MAPware on your PC over a USB connection.

  1. Open MAPware and create a new project for the correct model of MLC.
  2. Set the Ethernet parameters in Project > Properties > Ethernet. Click OK
  3. Click Download to open the download manager. Deselect all download options other than “Ethernet Settings”. Select mode USB.
  4. Download to your device. Assuming the IP address is correct for your network, you should be able to ping it once the MLC reboots.

If the device is set to DHCP or you set it to use DHCP following the steps above, you can find the IP address on your network using an IP scanner such as Angry IP Scanner.

After downloading and installing the software, set the IP address range to the range of your network. For example, to

Click on the Port column and click Port Preferences. Enter 5000 in the port selection box. This is the download port for the MLC/HMC, so a device that is open on this port is likely to be an MLC/HMC.

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