How to Convert a project for a HMC3000 Series to a HMC2000 Series model.

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How to Convert a project for a HMC3000 Series to a HMC2000 Series model.

Current applications for the HMC3000 series HMI + PLC models that are in IEC programming mode can easily be converted to a HMC2000 series model. 

The legacy Native Ladder programming mode is NOT SUPPORTED on the HMC2000 series modes. Projects created in the Native Ladder programming mode will need to be recreated in IEC programming mode for the HMC2000.

1. Open the HMC3000 project in MAPware-7000 v2.36 or later. 

2. Select “Tools” > “Convert Application…” to open the project conversion window.

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3. Select the product and model for the conversion from the drop-down menu, name the project and set a file path.

4. Click “Convert”. At this point, if the project is in Native Ladder mode, the following error message will appear:

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5. If the project is in IEC mode, it will convert. After the conversion process, a file called “ConversionLogs.txt” will appear. The logs in this file are not necessarily errors, just entries indicating that the graphic objects were not resized or unused default tags were deleted from the tag database. You can save or close the log file.

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6. Next, confirm that the project will compile by clicking “Project” > “Compile” and check the terminal window for errors. If the original HMC3000 application compiled without errors, then the converted project should as well.

7. Scan the screens in your application to make sure that graphic objects are aligned correctly and not outside of the frame. This is only necessary for projects that were converted to another screen size.

8. If any changes were made, save the project. Now the project can be downloaded to the new HMC2000 screen.

Content Created by Jeff Robertson
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