How do I upgrade from EZwarePlus to EBPro?

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How do I upgrade from EZwarePlus to EBPro?

Using the Compress utility in EZwarePlus, compress the EZwarePlus project. This utility is found in Tools -> Compress/Uncompress. This will create a new file with the same name as the project, but with the file extension .ECMP. This is required to be sure that all the dependencies, such as library files, are transferred to EBPro.

Next, download and install EBPro, located as a free download in the Software & Download section of the Support Center.

Finally, open EBPro and open the Compress/Uncompress utility, located in File -> Compress/Uncompress. Select the compressed file, file extension .ECMP. Set a destination to uncompress to; and click the Uncompressing button.

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