Can I do Remote Access with my HMI+PLC?

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Can I do Remote Access with my HMI+PLC?

Yes. Ethernet HMI+PLC models allow you to create Web Screens which are accessible through a web browser on the local network.

Additionally, you can pair one of our cMT Gateway products with a Maple Systems HMI + PLC (HMC) unit to add remote data access and enhanced data extraction.

The cMT Gateway uses Modbus TCP to pull data from the HMI + PLC combo unit which can then be synched to an SQL database, sent to the cloud using MQTT, or shared with SCADA and ERP systems using OPC UA.

The Gateway can also be configured to send emails with data logs at set times, or when an alarm is triggered. If the EasyAccess 2.0 service is enabled on the Gateway, Web Screens configured for the HMI + PLC in MAPware-7000 become accessible from anywhere in the world!

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