Maple Systems HMI File Extensions

The software for Maple Systems HMI’s has changed and improved over the years, as such the file types and extensions have changed along with it. Below is a list of file extensions associated with the relevant software and HMI model series: HMI5000 Series models: *.emtp file – Working EBPro and EZwarePlus project file *.ecmp file – Compressed…

Data Log Export via EasyWeb

When connecting to your cMT–X Series through EasyWeb, you are able to export data logs, event logs, and operation logs as well as make backups of the database directly to your PC.    To connect via EasyWeb, enter the IP address of the cMT-X Series in your browser’s URL (the default System password is: 111111). Click on the “Data” tab in the menu on the left side of EasyWeb and then…

How do I export, edit and import the Recipe Database in EBPro?

The recipe data can be exported as a .db file, from within the Recipe Database manager in EBPro. The exported recipe database can be opened in your preferred database browser to browse and/or update the recipe data tables. The updated recipe database can then be imported again, from within the Recipe Database Manager in EBPro.

How do I decompile and open a project file that I uploaded from my HMI to a USB Flash Drive or SD Card?

When a project is uploaded to a USB flash drive or SD card from a Maple Systems HMI, the file format will not allow you to decompile or open the file without adding an EXOB extension to the file. Step by Step instructions can be found in <a href=”/General/DownloadFile?src=fq&s=tn&n=Legacy%20Uploading%20a%20Project&f=09075057.pdf”>Tech Note 5057, “Uploading a Project from…

What is Uploading?

Uploading is the act of taking a project from the HMI and bringing it to the computer.

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