Finding a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that is compatible with all of your equipment can be a tall order. Fortunately, Maple Systems has you covered. Years of research and development have resulted in a robust library of third-party drivers designed specifically for our HMIs, allowing them to serve as a central communication hub for hundreds of other devices.

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Our free HMI programming software, EBPro, now includes support for over 300 industry-standard drivers and communication protocols, meaning that Maple HMIs can talk to almost any device used in industrial controls.

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Since 2019, we’ve been advancing our high-efficiency communication technology, now supporting 82 high-efficiency drivers. This enhanced mode doubles communication efficiency compared to standard modes, effectively eliminating issues caused by communication bottlenecks.

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Many devices support the use of various communication channels at the same time, such as serial versus Ethernet, multi-protocol, or absolute versus tag-based addressing. However, most HMIs are limited in the number of channels they can support. By contrast, our HMI solutions offer extensive communication support, providing users with a wider range of communication options to choose from.

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We’ve significantly streamlined the process of mapping device tag addresses to your HMI project. For most users, this simply means importing a file generated by the device programming software into EBPro, our free HMI software. This step automatically creates the device address list, making setup quicker and more efficient.

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Maple Systems boasts a dedicated team of driver developers, each with extensive experience and committed to a stringent development process. We take pride in the expertise and precision our team brings to every project.

At Maple Systems, prioritizing effective device communication is fundamental to our mission, and our team is dedicated to this goal. More than just focusing on research and development, we actively listen to feedback from our users and the industry. This commitment helps us continuously enhance our HMI products and services, ensuring they meet the evolving demands of the market.

If you would like to learn more about our extensive collection of device drivers, please visit our Controller Info Sheets page for more information. For more tips on what to look for in a new HMI, check out our 10 Things to Consider When Choosing an HMI buyer’s guide.

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