To protect user data, Maple Systems HMIs offer encryption capabilities across any applications involving data exchanges, whether it’s device-to-device, device-to-host, or connections to third-party cloud services. Let’s explore the communication security solutions we currently employ:

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All site-level communications, including HMI-to-HMI interactions, OPC/UA, FTP transfers, and SQL database connections, are encrypted to secure data transfers between HMIs or from HMIs to host servers. This encryption also extends to external connections like MQTT, enhancing security when connecting to third-party cloud platforms.

Data Integration

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Our web-based management interface, EasyWeb 2.0, uses HTTPS to encrypt all web activities, including WebView monitoring, HMI project management, and data or event log viewing. HTTPS ensures that EasyWeb 2.0 provides both convenience and high security for web-based user interactions.

Web Management

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Remote access features allow you to quickly access your devices from anywhere in the world. The EasyAccess 2.0 application allows you to create a secure, fully-encrypted VPN tunnel between remote networks. By using a 128-bit SSL connection, EasyAccess 2.0 makes remote access easy to set up while maintaining your security.

Remote Access

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Being able to receive alarm notifications through email or SMS can help you respond quickly during an emergency. Our free HMI programming software, EBPro, allows you to send your important event notifications securely by using the stringent TLS encryption standard.

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EBPro makes it easy to secure your communications. The following table shows you how to quickly implement the features discussed above:

HMI to HMIEnable secure communication for each device in the EBPro System Parameters.
OPC/UAChoose a [Security Policy] with encryption.
MQTTEnable encryption in TLS/SSL settings.
SQLEnable encryption in TLS/SSL settings.
FTP TransferChoose an encrypted connection type, i.e., Implicit/Explicit FTP over TLS.
EasyAccess 2.0No action required. All communications are encrypted by default.
EmailEnable TLS encryption in the [Email] section of the System Parameters.
EasyWeb 2.0Enable HTTPS on the Security page. All data transmissions over the web will be forced to use HTTPS.

Using these methods, Maple Systems ensures that all data transmitted between your devices is encrypted, safeguarding critical production information and proprietary processes from potential interception or eavesdropping. For more information on what Maple Systems devices can do for you, please contact our sales team at (425)-745-3229.

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