PLC Registers and Data Types

PLC Registers and Data Types

 Skills you’ll gain: The basics, features, and programming environment of our MapleLogic PLC programming software.

Software Required

Hardware Required

Memory Register Table

Viewing the Memory Monitor

In order to view the “Memory Monitor in MapleLogic, you have to first go online with your PLC. Once you establish online connection:

  • Click the “Memory Monitor” button

In MapleLogic the Memory Monitor puts registers in hexadecimal format

  • 0 – F = 1 word

Using a Bit Register in your Ladder Diagram

  • Hit F5 or click the “Open Contact” button on the toolbar
  • For example use “X25” or “X0025” as the bit register
  • Click “OK”

In MapleLogic, if you are using some kind of contact or coil in your logic, the bit register you are using will have a dot to separate the word from the bit.

Example : (X2.5)

Using a Word Register in your Ladder Diagram

Using an ADD Instruction in MapleLogic

  • Press F10 or click the ADD Instruction button
  • For example type : “ADD X20 D20 D30”, adding the word register “X20” or “X0020” to D20 and storing in D30
  • Click “OK”

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