How to Setup High Speed Counter with an iR-ETN40R using an HMI & PLC Combo

How to Setup High Speed Counter with an iR-ETN40R using an HMI & PLC Combo

This tutorial shows you how to read an analog input current (4-20mA), display the raw reading, and convert the signal to more meaningful values on the User Interface.

Software Required

Hardware Required

  • HMC4070A-M – Other HMC2000/HMC4000 models can also be used

High Speed Counter

High-Speed Counter (HSC) is a hardware-based counter within a PLC. HSCs are used to count fast speed inputs where program cycle scan speeds would be surpassed in a typical digital input. HSC are used for a wide range of manufacturing duties, but the most common is to monitor motor speed or calculate the position of a given target.

Wiring and Circuit Design

Channels 10 and 11 on Terminal I and Terminal II are the 4 High Speed Inputs on the iR-ETN40R.

Network Configuration Diagram

Network Configuration for an iR-ETN40R using Modbus Communication

Modbus Addresses

These are the Modbus addresses for the High Speed Counter on the iR-ETN40R. In MAPware-7000 modbus addressing, the “x” is replaced by “0”, the underscore “_” is removed and its offset by 1 (add 1).

User Interface

Sample Project

The project shown above was designed for the specific hardware mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial and is intended to provide you guidance when programming your unit. If you are using models other than the ones specified in this sample project, similar steps can be duplicated within your own project.

Download MAPware Sample Project
Download EasyRemoteIO Sample Project

Resources & Documentation

HMC/MAPware-7000 Resources

MAPware-7000 Getting Started Guide
MAPware-7000 Programming Manual
IEC 61131-3 Programming Guide for MAPware-7000

iR-ETN40R/EasyRemote IO


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