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Solutions for the Real World

Since 1983 we have worked with thousands and thousands of companies in all types of industries. Over the years, our products have been used by OEM, System Integrators, Manufactures, Automation Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, and so many more: to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce costs, and connect data to the IIoT. Our Case Studies and Application Stories show real-life applications and how Maple Systems can help improve your company’s bottom-line. Read articles on the software’s key features, how we can connect your current or legacy system to the IIoT, or how our products can improve how you collect, analyze, and manage your data.

Why use a Capacitive Touch Screen PC in an Industrial Application?

Almost every cell phone, tablet, and consumer touch screen computer sold in the last decade uses a capacitive touch screen and has forever changed the way people naturally interact with screens. Up until now, the industrial market has been slow to transition from the traditional resistive touch screen to the newer capacitive technology but as people become even more accustomed to how they interact with their cell phone, their first interaction with a control system that uses resistive touch can feel unnatural – they have to press hard on the screen, they can’t scroll, pinch, or zoom-in on screen objects.

Enter Capacitive Touch Screen PCs for Industrial Applications!

Discover More About the IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) takes data from your factory floor and shares it with a server (local or a cloud service), offering greater efficiency for network use and enabling improved access to, and better sharing of, data throughout the entire organization. Our products provide support for MQTT (JSON, Normal), OPC UA, SQL Database and Queries, Remote Access, and more. Read solutions that illustrate how your organization can integrate the IIoT into your business today with Maple Systems HMIs, Servers, Gateways, and Industrial PCs.

Learn How Our Features Work

Read examples, watch videos, and learn how companies can implement features to improve their projects functionality, and solve problems. With support for hundreds of controllers and PLCs, free configuration software, and free technical support, it’s easy to see why our customers are so happy with how we do business and continue to use our products year after year.

Case Studies & Applications

Read how Maple Systems HMIs, OITs, PLCs, Industrial PCs, and HMI + PLCs are used in real-world applications. These case studies and success stories illustrate how our customers use our products to reduce costs, provide features, increase functionality, and solve problems. With support for over 350 controllers and PLCs, free configuration software, free technical support, and in-house repairs, it’s easy to see why our customers are so happy with how we do business and continue to use our products year after year.

Let us Help Guide You with Upgrading Your Legacy System

Since 1983 we have provided the Industrial Automation Industry with control and display solutions and we are proud that our products have been in service for so long. As technologies change, and the functionality and features that customers request become more advanced, our products have evolved along the way. We want the transition from old to new – to be as easy as possible. Read our recommend guidelines, watch videos, and follow step-by-step instructions on upgrading our most popular legacy models.

Replace Costly Pushbutton Panels with Maple HMIs

Our Basic HMIs offers a great solution for organizations focused on cost-driven and OEM related projects. The Basic HMI series delivers the ability to display data in several formats: bar graphs, trend graphs, and analog meters/gauges. They display speed, pressure, and temperature in a visual format the operator can quickly understand. Paired with our free software, the Basic Series is an exceptional value.

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