Online Monitoring Tools

In Online Mode, the user can see the state of contacts and outputs in their logic diagram and watch the logic work as the data state changes. Green indicates that the contact is closed or the output is energized, red indicates an open contact or a disabled output. To test how a change in a value affects the network, simply click on it to force a bit or enter a new value in a register.

View data in real time in a tabular format with the Data Monitor Window. This allows a user to track a larger block of data as it changes over time. The Data Monitor Window can also be used to manually update values. Data can be shown in multiple formats.

A debugger allows users to slow down the execution of a ladder logic sequence to a human time scale so that they can see what the unit is doing one ladder instruction at a time. This is the best way to understand what the HMI + PLC is doing while it is occurring. The Debugger allows the user to set breakpoints to halt execution in real time at a particular point in the logic and then step through, one instruction at a time, watching the data fields update at each and every step.

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