March 20, 2023 v6.09.01.524

  1. Added USB Tethering support for HMI5000B series.
  2. Added 3G/4G Dongle support for HMI5000L series.
  3. Improved USB scanner data reading to reduce reading faliures.
  4. Fixed issues related to LB-9042 (acknowledge all alarm events).
  5. The file preservation limit setting may not work properly under Data Sampling’s Customized File Handling mode.
  6. Some settings may not align with the original ones when objects are converted to Combo Buttons.
  7. The search conditions of the macro function RecipeQuery did not support float type variables.
  1. [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names] Fixed communication issues
  2. [Lenze] Fixed communication issues
  3. [XINJE MTX XD/XL] Added support for pass-through feature.
  4. [Schneider SoMachine M Series(Ethernet)] Added support for MachineExpert 2.2.
  5. [Rockwell EtherNet/IP (ControlLogix) – Free Tag Names] Fixed issues related to the use of index registers.

February 2, 2024 v6.09.01.485

  1. Added filter search box for Windows Tree.
  2. Added more sampling interval options for OPC UA History (HDA).
  3. Added string termination setting for the ASCII object.
  4. Text position related settings may be incorrect after model transition.
  5. Window change related settings for global objects may be missing.
  6. The text color in Options List is the same as the background color.
  7. The “Data server disconnected” message appears when the designated remote HMI for Enhanced Security Mode cannot be reached.
  8. The contents of Event Display object may not automatically update if the historical data control is enabled.
  9. Enabling secure communication may cause EasyAccess 2.0 push notifications to fail.
  10. The Macro function Fill cannot use float data type.
  11. Data Sampling’s customized file handling may lead to high CPU load.
  12. The data format cannot be configured for dynamic trigger condition addresses used by certain objects such as Action Trigger.
  1. [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names] 
    • Optimized communication efficiency.
    • Fixed issues with data writing and lost connection.
    • Fixed the issue of not being able to set-up connections to multiple devices that are distinguished only by ADS.
  2. [Rockwell Micro850 – Free Tag Names] Added support for import of new version tag files
  3. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (S7CommPlus, Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)]
    • Added support for reading array data that does not start from index 0.
    • Added support for the S5-time data type.
    • Added support for newer versions of PLC firmware and TIA Portal.
  4. [CAN Bus 2.0A/2.0B General and SAE J1939] Fixed an issue where CAN2.0a and CAN2.0b modes cannot be used simultaneously.
  5. [Panasonic FP (Ethernet)] Fixed communication issues.
  6. [OMRON CJ/CS/CP] Added Multi-read option.
  7. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic) (Ethernet)] Fixed communication issues.
  8. [Schneider M340/M580 series (Symbolic Addressing)] Optimized communication efficiency for array data.
  9. [ABB TOTALFLOW FCU] Fixed an issue where data is read from incorrect addresses.
  10. [MODBUS RTU, RTU over TCP] Fixed an issue where data is read from incorrect addresses.
  11. [YUDIAN AIBUS] Optimized CRC check.
  12. [Free Protocol] Fixed an issue where the HMI communication port setting under UDP mode cannot be saved.

December 4, 2023 v6.09.01.357

  1. [System Registers] Added System Register LW-12829: HMI available space for history data.
  1. Non-English versions of EasyBuilder Pro may experience crashes when opening certain configuration windows.
  2. The HMI is unable to successfully connect to an MQTT server (including cloud services).
  3. Fixed issues with the macro functions SetData/GetData and loop execution.
  1. [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names (Ethernet)] Optimized communication efficiency.

November 13, 2023 v6.09.01.322

  1.  [Enhanced Security Mode] Added support for external fingerprint scanners and USB scanners (e.g., smart cards) to be used for login.
  2. [Template Window] Added this feature with which users may add copies of template windows into a regular window. The tag addresses used within the template can be easily replaced to reduce the amount of potentially repetitive editing work.
  3. [EBPro UI]
    1. Added the smart guide feature.
    2. The tag address selection field supports search by tag names. Note that this is not a default behavior and must be enabled in the Preferences.
    3. Added support for multi-selection of objects by holding the Ctrl key.
    4. Added support for adjustment of object’s relative position (layer) in a window by drag-and-drop within the Window Tree UI.
    5. Added more window adjustment options with illustration for HMI model change.
  4. [Operation Log] Optimized many aspects of Operation Log settings, including improved layout of the setting window, more information shown for logged object, and the ability to use WATCH addresses as the source for comments…etc.
  5. [System Registers] Added the following system registers:
    1. LW-12824: Flash disk health status
    2. LW-12825: EasyBuilder Pro version (full)
    3. LW-12827: BACnet/IP server port no
  6. [JS Resource] Added support for JavaScript code encryption (password protection). The encrypted JavaScript codes can be used by JS objects.
  7. [Compile/Decompile] Added support to preserve object comments during compilation, allowing for its restoration during decompilation.
  8. [Combo Button] [ASCII] [Action Trigger] [Touch Gesture] Action group names within these objects can be user-defined.
  1. [USB Device] Added this driver, which supports multiple USB external devices.

September 14, 2023 v6.08.02.515

  1. Trend Display objects which use a non-time-based X-axis range may lead to system crash.
  2. Repeatedly clearing historical data through system settings may lead to system crash.
  3. Certain operational steps may cause EasyBuilder Pro to crash.
  4. Scrolling may not work for the Detail page of Event Display.
  5. After decompilation, some settings of Trend Display and text positions may deviate from those prior to compilation.
  6. Updated the CA certificate for use with the EasyAccess 2.0 service on the HMI.
  7. Updated the SSL/TLS certificate update tool.
  1. [HollySys LX/MC/LK220 Series (Ethernet)] Added this driver.
  2. [Mitsubishi iQ-R Series (Ethernet) – Binary Mode] Fixed an issue where non-ASCII tag names of Structures are not displayed properly.
  3. [IEC 61850 MMS Server] Fixed read issue for String type addresses.
  4. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Absolute Addressing) (Ethernet)] Added register behavior configuration options.
  5. [BACnet/MSTP] Fixed communication issues.
  6. [Rockwell CompactLogix – Free Tag Names] Fixed communication issues.
  7. [Rockwell DH485] Fixed communication issues for certain models.
  8. [KOYO CLICK V3 MODBUS TCP/IP] Added X0 – X8, Y0 – Y8 addresses.
  9. [Panasonic MINAS A5] Fixed an issue where communication stops right after a write operation.
  10. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic) (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where certain tag addresses cannot be accessed.
  11. [BACnet/IP Server] Writing to the PresentValue is allowed regardless of the state of OutOfService.
  12. [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names] Addressed the issue where communication does not resume after a pause.

July 28, 2023 – v6.08.02.449

July 28, 2023 v6.08.02.449

  1. cMT2128X
  2. cMT2158X [v2]
  3. cMT3152X [v2]
  1. The Event Log settings are incorrect after import/export.
  2. The turnaround delay for the Free Protocol is missing.
  3. When Data Sampling’s Customized File Handling is used with Trigger Mode for file creation, the actual maximum number of data records in each historical file may not be consistent with the configured value.
  4. The Timer object cannot be copied.
  5. The Action Trigger under Value Changed mode is incorrectly executed once during startup.
  6. The speed of multi-copy operation is improved.
  7. At runtime, adjusting time settings of a BACnet Schedule object may be hindered.
  8. Configuring the label library may result in unjustified changes to the positions of text objects that use the label library.
  9. The Datatype information for the tags mapped to PLC tags may be incorrect in OPC UA server.
  10. Some objects may allow invalid address configuration to be saved.
  11. Import of Data transfer settings works only partially.
  12. The operation log does not record address information for certain tag addresses.
  13. Some objects may not run as expected in simulation due to bugs in quick compile.
  1. [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names (Ethernet)] Fixed the issue concerning incorrect array addresses after decompilation.
  2. [BACnet/IP Server][BACnet/MSTP Server] Added support for the “Polarity” property.
  3. [Panasonic MINAS A5] Added support for serial port (RS-485) communication at a higher baud rate.
  4. [Rockwell EtherNet/IP (CompactLogix)] Added support for String_16, String_32.
  5. [KOYO NK1] Fixed data writing issues.
  6. [RS Automation X8 Series] Added L_bit address.
  7. [VEICHI VC Series PLC] Added D_32bit and SD_32bit addresses.
  8. [Siemens S7-1200 (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where tag re-import does not work.
  9. [Rockwell EtherNet/IP (CompactLogix) – Free Tag Names][Rockwell EtherNet/IP (ControlLogix) – Free Tag Names] Fixed an issue where simultaneous connection to multiple devices is not possible.
  10. [MODBUS TCP/IP (HEX Addressing)] Added this driver.
  11. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 S7CommPlus, Symbolic Addressing] (Ethernet)] Added support for devices that are programmed with TIA18. EBPro Release Notes
  12. [MODBUS Server] Resolved an issue that results in incorrect server response which could happen when the server is under stress by multiple clients making very frequent requests.
  13. [SIGMATEK S-DIAS CPU (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where communication begins to fail when the number of objects on screen exceeds a threshold.
  14. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)][OPC UA Client][Weintek Built-in CODESYS] Fixed an issue where the “Device server disconnected” message pops up and affects normal operation.
  15. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic) (Ethernet)] Optimized device communication to reduce system loading.

April 18, 2023 – v6.08.02.322

April 18, 2023 v6.08.02.322

  1. [Printer] Added support for installation of printers with IPP Everywhere. (OS and HMI model restrictions apply.)
  1. Multi-language content may not be displayed correctly in Operation Log.
  2. Data Sampling cannot properly read from array addresses of Tag Based PLC.
  1. [OPC UA Client] Fixed an issue where the read values may be displayed incorrectly when connecting to multiple OPC UA servers.
  2. [Fanuc 0i/30i/31i/32i/35i Series (Ethernet)] Added DIAGNOSIS address.

April 11, 2023 – v6.08.02.300

April 11, 2023 v6.08.02.300

  1. [User-defined tags] Address tags used by Tag PLCs can be set as user-defined tags.
  2. [Event Display] The way events are displayed has been improved. When events are sorted by priority level or occurrence count, there will be two pages: Overview (Default) and Detail. On the Overview page, events are sorted based on the selected sorting method, and only the most recent record of each event is displayed. Clicking on an event on the Overview page leads to that event’s detail page where all records are displayed.
  3. [Numeric] When macro subfunctions are used for scaling, it is still possible to set the number of decimal places.
  4. [FTP] Added the option to use HMI name (LW-10884~LW-10899) as a naming convention for HMI folders.
  5. [Language & Font] Added “Complete font file download” setting. The fonts added in this setting are downloaded to the device to ensure proper display of text in the PLC Web Browser.
  6. [2D Barcode Display] Added Data Matrix mode.
  7. [EasyConverter] Files can be saved in PDF format.
  8. [Action Trigger] In Value Changed mode, a new trigger condition “ON <-> OFF” is added for Bit type, and a new enable condition “Any” is added for Word type. Both options allow the action to be triggered whenever there is any change in the data of the target address.
  9. [Event Display] Real-time mode has been removed. The default behavior of an Event Display object will be to display historical data, so events not configured as “save to history” will not be displayed.
  10. [Fast Display Mode] The objects that support Fast Display Mode are classified into Controllable and Uncontrollable objects, and the mode can be enabled individually for each type of object.
  11. [ASCII][Numeric] The “Grayed label when disabled” setting is available for objects whose input mode is disabled.
  12. [Printer] Customized paper and margin sizes are allowed.
  13. [Font] Selection of the font file for complete download is allowed.
  14. [Option List] For security reasons, the Option List will not display the permissions of other users, and the corresponding settings are removed.
  15. [PLC Web Browser] User Scripts can be imported. The User Scripts are typically written in JavaScript and used to modify webpage code to enhance the browsing experience.
  16. [Picture Library] The system picture libraries have been categorized into System Equipment, System Icon, and UI Element, and a new library called System Industrial Equipment has been added.
  17. [Download] The “Synchronize HMI clock with PC” option, available on non-cMT models, is now supported on cMT/cMT X models.
  1. The addresses used by a Trend Display object may be changed after decompilation.
  2. The elapsed time of Event Log may not be properly utilized by other features.
  1. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Added support for WSTRING data type.
  2. [Barcode Scanner CDC/POS Mode (USB)] Added support for this driver on cMT-FHDX, cMT-SVRX.

January 23, 2023 – v6.08.01.350

January 23, 2023 v6.08.01.350

  1. cMT3108XH
  2. cMT3072XHT
  1. Hexadecimal addresses used in macros are not properly displayed in the Find/Replace window and the address list.
  2. Display issues of certain fonts.
  3. Strings may not be completely displayed in History Data Display (non-cMT only).
  4. Some tag selection windows do not appear when using the Find/Replace feature.
  5. Some of the settings after compilation are different from those in the original project file.
  1. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic) (Ethernet)] Improved connection recovery handling.
  2. [Rockwell DH485] Fixed I/O and File address types related issues including communication issues and data writing issues in data transfer.
  3. [Rockwell EtherNet/IP DF1] Fixed data writing issues in data transfer.
  4. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)][Weintek Built-in CODESYS] Fixed an issue where strings cannot be written successfully under certain circumstances.
  5. [Atlas Copco Torque Tool Open Protocol (Ethernet)] Fixed communication issues.
  6. [Inovance Easy Series][Inovance Easy Series (Ethernet)] Added this driver.
  7. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NJ Series)] Fixed an issue where the strings in structures or arrays cannot use index registers.
  8. [YASKAWA Sigma-5] Fixed an issue where communication may stop after running for a relatively long period of V6.08.01 time.
  9. [Barcode Scanner/Keyboard] Fixed issues related to parameter settings window behaviors.
  10. [Koyo Do-More (Ethernet)] Fixed issue where UDP was not set as the default setting.
  11. [BACnet MSTP Server] Communication driver added

December 9, 2022 – v6.08.01.296

December 9, 2022 v6.08.01.296

  1. [Macro] Added these functions: CRC16_CCITT, CRC16_CCITT_FALSE, CRC16_X25, CRC16_XMODEM, ASCII2DOUBLE, DOUBLE2ASCII
  1. Unicode texts in macro of an older project may turn into gibberish when decompiled.
  2. System error may occur when a Condition object edited in a certain way is used.
  3. The server disconnected warning shows when clearing data for the Energy Demand feature.
  4. In macro functions where device addresses and variables are used, the variables will all be changed to incorrect values following the change of device.
  5. System error may occur if a cMT Viewer disconnects from the HMI during backup initialized by that cMT Viewer.
  6. For Action Trigger / Combo Button, Execute JS action containing JavaScript codes that access PLW/PLB data by using GetData / SetData methods may cause subsequent action groups to be skipped.
  7. The server disconnected warning shows when the [Support iP/iE/XE/eMT/mTV communication protocol and EasyWatch] option is selected and the port number is set to 8002
  8. Find / Replace address replacement issues.
  9. The available number of channels setting of Trend Display is not properly limited.
  10. The grid lines of Data Block Display are not correctly displayed.
  11. Certain Korean fonts cannot be correctly displayed.
  12. (cMT Series) The maximum number of words of Data Transfer is not properly limited.
  13. cMT models cannot sample data from non-cMT models.
  1. [Barcode Scanner] Increased the readable number of characters of QR code.
  2. [Siemens S7-200 SMART PPI] Fixed an issue where the serial port settings are not present when the driver is used on a remote HMI.
  3. [Mitsubishi iQ-R Series (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where PLC Mode’s IQ-R and IQ-F options are erroneously placed in reverse.
  4. [Panasonic MEWTOCOL7] Fixed an issue where tags cannot be imported.
  5. [Mitsubishi iQ-R Series – Binary Mode (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Added this driver.
  6. [YOKOGAWA FA-M3 – Binary Mode (Ethernet)] Added this driver.
  7. [Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] Fixed communication issues that may occur when array size is too large.
  8. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)] Added support for communication of tags with relatively longer names.
  9. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (S7CommPlus, Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Fixed various tag import related issues.
  10. [BACnet Server] Enhanced support for Device Object’s properties.
  11. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Absolute Addressing) (Ethernet)] Allowed the use of dots in address formatting.
  12. [LS XBM/XBC/XGK CPU DIRECT][LS XGK Cnet][LS XGK FEnet (Ethernet)] Expanded the range of the addresses: MW, MW_Bit, ZRW, ZRW_Bit
  13. [Weintek Built-in CODESYS] Fixed string related issues including data writing issues and macro syntax compatibility issues.
  14. [BACnet/MSTP Server] Added support for Property 97.
  15. [Schneider M340/M580 series] Fixed an issue where the arrays that do not start at 0 cannot be read successfully.
  16. [CO-TRUST CTH300-H (Ethernet)] Expanded V address range.

October 19, 2022 – v6.08.01.190

October 19, 2022 v6.08.01.190

  1. [Address Grid] Added an option for showing only the addresses in use.
  2. [Window Copy] SQL Query related settings of a source file can be copied.

Features additions listed in this section are available for cMT / cMT X series models that support the said features.

  1. [Data Transfer (Global)] Settings can be imported or exported.
  2. [Slider] Non-local HMI device addresses can be used as watch address.
  3. [Picture] A picture object can be enabled or disabled according to the state of a bit address.
  4. [Event Log] An event can be enabled or disabled according to the state of a bit address. When an event is disabled, the communication with its related addresses is stopped as well.
  5. [File Browser] Non-ASCII filenames can be displayed. (OS restrictions apply.)
  6. [Data Sampling] The oldest data can be deleted by using the control command.
  7. [Trend Display] When a watch line is displayed, it will be the center line for zooming along the X axis.
  8. [Combo Button] Added “Change state by ranges” setting for Word Lamp. (Also available for non-cMT models.)
  9. [System Settings] A startup screen can be saved in a project file.
  10. [PLC Web Browser] Added “Rounded corners” option. (OS restrictions apply.)
  11. [Trend Display][Event Display] and similar objects whose time range can be specified Optimized the way to set time range.
  12. [OPC UA Server] Added “Information modeling mode”.

All features listed in this sectio are added on cMT / cMT X series for compatibility with behavior of legacy models.

  1. [Trend Display] Added new option: Value alignment of Y-scale. Available modes include: “Center on tick” and “Full text”
  1. Added Droid Sans Japanese font support.
  1. Added Mitsubishi A Series Initialization.
  1. [CODESYS V3(Ethernet)][Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] Added support for string arrays.

August 17, 2022 – v6.07.02.320

August 17, 2022 v6.07.02.320

  1. cMT-FHDX-820 supports PLC Web Browser (applicable to all V6.07.02 software released).
  2. In Data Sampling, reading local addresses of different sections at a time is now possible.

The following issues were addressed in this release:

  1. Fixed a data sampling issue where the history data of high priority cannot be saved.
  2. Improved event log data synchronization for MS SQL.
  3. Fixed miscellaneous issues that occur as a result of software upgrade such as: unintended configuration changes, disappearing settings, or error in file opening/decompiliation …etc.
  4. Fixed an issue where project upload via Utility Manager could fail.
  5. Fixed an issue where XY plot produces incorrect graphing results.
  6. Fixed and issue where copying of recipe view object may fail.
  7. Fixed an issue where objects associated with Data Sampling such as Trend Display may not display data properly when the data is synchronized to an external database.
  8. Fixed an issue where incorrect error messages may appear during project download.
  1. [CODESYS V3(Ethernet)] Added support for access to BITs within STRUCT.
  2. [Mitsubishi A1S/A2N] Added support for pass-through.
  3. [Panasonic FP/KW] Added support for tag import.
  4. [IDEC MicroSmart IDEC MicroSmart FC6A Series]
    1. Added CP_32Bit and CC_32Bit data types.
    2. Added support for Upper Word/Lower Word for 32-bit data storage.
  5. [OPC UA Client] Added support for subscription of many tags at a time.
  6. [SIGMATEK S-DIAS CPU (Ethernet)] Fixed a data reading issue.
  7. [Mitsubishi FX3U/FX3G/FX3GA] Fixed an issue where cMT X series HMI might not be able to begin communication with the target PLC.
  8. [Barcode Scanner CDC/POS Mode (USB)] Added this driver (Model and OS restrictions appl

July 13, 2022 – v6.07.02.246

July 13, 2022 v6.07.02.246

  1. Added horizontal scrolling shortcut: Shift + mouse wheel.

cMT/cMT X Models

  1. [Data Sampling] For selected drivers, reading addresses of different sections at a time is possible.

    Example 1: General addressing. The following setting aims to read D1~D2, SD5~SD9, D10 at a time.

    Example 2: Tag-based PLC. The following setting aims to read multiple address tags at a time.

  2. [User-defined tag] Added support for conversion of data formats of different sizes; for example, 16 /32bit value 0 can be converted to Boolean False, and Boolean True can be converted to 16 / 32bit value 1, and vice versa
  3. [Trend Display] Watch line can be hidden after a set period of time.
  4. [2D Barcode Display] Added [Reverse high / low byte] setting.
  5. [System Parameters] Added [Adaptive DPI scaling] option which can automatically adjust the size of the contents according to screen DPI for Trend Display, Event Display, and Option List…etc.
  6. [Set Word] Added Bounce action mode.
  7. [Popup Window][Direct / Indirect Window]The caption in the title bar can display text, taken from Label Tag Library.
  8. [Import / Export] On cMT-SVR, Recipe Database can be imported / exported by using this feature.
  9. [MQTT]
    1. Added support for MQTT v5.
    2. (Topic Subscriber) Added [Accept null] option.
    3. (Topic Subscriber) Added [(Ending string) Permit data smaller than the preset size] option for raw data.
  10. [Recipe Database] Objects using Recipe related addresses can be copied without losing information between projects provided that these projects have the same database settings.
  11. [Contacts Editor] Added support for Enable/Disable settings (in security tab).
  12. [Operation Log] User login / logout activities can be recorded.
  13. [Event Log] Added system registers relating to the number of alarms of each priority level: LW- 11763~LW-11766.
  14. [WiFi] Added support for 802.1X EAP TLS. Related settings can be found in System Parameters.
  15. [Action Trigger (Per-page)] Added trigger mode: Value Changed.
  16. [Numeric] The 16bit/32bit Unsigned user-defined tags can be displayed in HEX format in addition to the usual decimal format.
  1. Added Screenshot option in the right-click menu.
  1. Added “Format v2” data presentation format for the event log. In Format v2, there are Acknowledge Time and Recovered Time columns; that is, the Trigger Time, Acknowledge Time, and Recovered Time of an event can be displayed in the same row

    An example of Format v2:

Utility Manager

  1. Added cMT X Series OS Update tool.

cMT / cMT X models can now use the following features that were only available on former models.

  1. [Backup] This backup path can be used: datalog/foldername/${filename}
  2. [Option List] Date of history can be used as the data source..


The following issues were addressed in this release:

  1. The Batang font cannot be used.
  2. When “Set value when leaving focus” setting is enabled, one instance of entry operation may trigger multiple records in Operation Log.
  3. Project file compression cannot be initiated if the file path is too long.
  4. A small portion of LF characters may be missing in the csv file output from EasyConverter.
  5. An object’s text area position of its label, if set as “Custom position”, cannot not be duplicated to every state.
  6. In MQTT, the topic settings exported as an excel file cannot be imported properly.
  7. CODESYS program downloaded using UtilityManager does not start properly.
  8. For selected models, backlight brightness level setting of 31 does not take effect.
  9. Fixed an issue where certain project files may take too long to open.

Additionally, rare cases of abnormal termination which may arise from very specific operations are also fixed.

  1. [Siemens S7-1200 / S7-1500 (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Fixed the issue where tags do not appear for selection under certain circumstances.
  2. [Siemens S7-1200 / S7-1500 (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Fixed the issue where a string’s presence may cause data writing issue for the rest of the data in a DB.
  3. [Mitsubishi QnA Series] Added new driver.
  4. [Mitsubishi A173UH/A2A/A2U/A2AS/A2USH/A3U] Added support for A173UH.
  5. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic) (Ethernet)] Addressed miscellaneous communication issues
  6. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)] Added support for the use of index registers.
  7. [Mitsubishi iQ-R Series (Ethernet)]
    1. Optimized communication efficiency.
    2. Added Remote password setting
    3. Added PLC Mode setting

June 06, 2022 – v6.07.01.360

June 06, 2022 v6.07.01.360

  1. cMT-FHDX-820

Devices listed in the table below require software update to this version or newer to use MPI feature:

The following issues were addressed in this release:

  1. Integrity check for historical file backup may yield incorrect result.
  2. Event log data cannot be successfully synchronized to MS SQL database server.
  3. For Gateway models, OPC UA HAD data cannot be properly saved.
  4. When a project file containing user-defined tags is decompiled, there may be unintended changes in address settings.
  5. In MQTT, subscribed data are not written to respective registers occasionally.
  6. OPC UA Server related issues:
    • The lengths of Recipe Database related addresses are incorrect.
    • Tags exported from OPC UA server, when imported for use with OPC UA Client, may be incorrect
  7. In Macro, DEC2ASCII function converts a particular value incorrectly.
  8. Remote HMI’s IP address cannot be updated dynamically.
  9. Macro library related issues:
    • Shortcuts like Comment/Uncomment…etc. in the editor are ineffective.
    • Codes that contain Chinese comments cannot be exported.
  10. Private Address Index registers (32-bit type, PLW-9230~PLW-9261) do not work properly.
  11. Some texts are not displayed when cMT-FHDX is connected to screens of certain DPI.
  12. Backup is not really completed when the prompt window disappears.
  13. cMT Diagnoser may crash when connecting to a device that uses OPC UA Client.
  14. Certain models may not communicate with another device properly due to malformed RS-232 RTS/CTS signal.
  15. AutoRecover function fails to save due to the file path being too long.
  16. Timer (Global) gives incorrect timer output.
  17. MSSQL date format cannot be used.
  18. Of the tag register data types, only the array type can be used for Numeric object’s device low/high limits.
  19. Actions of Action Trigger object may not be successfully triggered by a Condition object
  1. [Siemens S7-1200 (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where UDT address tags cannot be selected.
  2. [Siemens S7-200 (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where the M address type is not displayed in off-line simulation.
  3. [Schneider M340/M580 series (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Fixed issues related the writing of DINT address type.
  4. [Azbil Controller (CPL)] Added Data_Dec_Sign address.
  5. [Mitsubishi iQ-R Series (Ethernet)] Added support for tag file import.
  6. [CAN Bus CANopen Slave] Improved error handling when there are offline devices on the network.
  7. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Absolute Addressing) (Ethernet)] Improved fault tolerance in reading data to prevent errors that may occur when writing to recipe database.
  8. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (S7CommPlus, Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Improved communication efficiency.
  9. [CODESYS V3(Ethernet)] Index registers can be used with string index.
  10. [OMRON C/CQM1 Series] Expanded TC address range to 511.
  11. [OMRON CP Series (USB)] Expanded range of all addresses to 32767.
  12. [Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] Improved the driver’s error handling.
  13. [Mitsubishi M80 CNC (Ethernet)] Added new driver.
  14. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Fixed communication issue with selected devices.
  15. [Barcode Scanner] Fixed an issue where the symbol “|” cannot be identified.
  16. [BACnet/MSTP Server] Fixed an issue with the handling of Get Tag requests.
  17. [Schneider M340/M580 series (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Fixed issues related to the use of nested structure.
  18. [Trio MODBUS RTU, TCP/IP (Mode 7)] Expanded ranges of VR and VR_INT addresses.
  19. [Azbil MODBUS TCP][Azbil MODBUS RTU] Enabled max read and write command size (words) settings

March 11, 2022 – v6.07.01.213

March 11, 2022 v6.07.01.213

  1. cMT2166X
  1. [System Registers] Added system register LB-12822: disable/enable Ethernet bridge mode.
  2. [Local Device] Added PRW and PRW_Bit address types. These addresses are cMT Viewer client’s retentive registers.’
  3. [Ribbon UI] Added [Fix all objects] shortcut in View tab.
  1. [FTP Server]
    1. Added FTP Server related settings in Data/History tab. Connection information for all FTP features now references here.
    2. Addd implicit and explicit FTP over TLS modes.
  2. [Address Tag Library] Added [Elementary arithmetic] mode for the conversion of user-defined tags. The conversion formulas can be written directly in the tag’s setting page. 
  3. [MQTT]
    1. Added “Min. time between messages” setting for MQTT Topic Publisher.
    2. Addd “Auto escape special characters” opton for string related settings.
  4. [Recipe Database] Added “Display name” setting. The display name is by default the same as the item name or it may a tag from the Label Tag Library. 
  5. [Backup] With [External trigger (word)] mode, the backup time range can be set explicitly, by indicating the minute, hour, day, month, and year information of start and end times.
  6. [History Data Display] Displaying multiple lines of data is now possible and the number of lines can be set. 
  7. [ASCII] Added Trigger action setting.
  8. [SQL Query]
    1. Added settings related to customized timeouts.
    2. Addd “Auto escape special characters” opton for string related settings.
  9. [System Parameters] Added “Enable secure communication” option which enables communication encryption. This setting can be found in two places:
    1. a. Settings/Security page: Both intra and inter-HMI communications are encrypted.b. New HMI page (Remote HMI): If the remote HMI to be connected has enabled secure communication, the HMI connecting to that HMI must also enable secure communication in this page
    In performance reasons, this setting is only available for the cMT X models.
  10. [System Parameters – Enhanced Security Mode] Added [Remote HMI] option as another way to authenticate via an external server.
  11. [Event Log] Added subcategory settings, which is in addition to the existing category setting.
  12. [Combo Button] [Action Trigger] Added “Execute JS” action which executes JavaScript. cMT / cMT X models can now use the following features that were only available on other models.
  13. [Circular Trend Display] Now available for cMT / cMT X models
  14. [Trend Display] Setting x-axis display range based on pixels is now possible.
  15. [Enhanced Security Mode] LW registers may now be used as the control addresses.

The following issues were addressed in this release:

  1. Find/Replace does not work properly in some cases.
  2. Calendar object outputs data to incorrect address.
  3. MSSQL date format cannot be used.
  4. In Recipe View, decimal points are not displayed when the format is BCD.
  5. Some of the option list’s security settings are not reflected in its actual display
  6. Of the tag register data types, only the array type can be used for Numeric object’s device low/high limits.
  1. [OMRON EtherNet/IP NJ/NX Series] Fixed the issue where HMI-device communication does not resume after online editing.
  2. [Free Protocol] Added support for pass-through.
  3. [Rockwell CompactLogix – Free Tag Names] Increased the allowed length of tag names to 256.
  4. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 Absolute Addressing (Ethernet)] Added support for 64-bit addresses: IL, QL, ML.
  5. [Rockwell EtherNet/IP (CompactLogix) – Free Tag Names] [Rockwell EtherNet/IP (ControlLogix) – Free Tag Names] Index registers can now be used in multi-dimensional arrays.
  6. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic) (Ethernet)] Fixed the issue where bit array data is not correctly displayed.
  7. [Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Added support for data types: LTIME, DATE, TIME_OF_DAY (TOD), DATE_AND_TIME (DT)
  8. [MODBUS RTU, RTU over TCP] [MODBUS ASCII] [MODBUS TCP/IP] 0x/1x address range limit setting supports csv file import/ export.
  9. [ABB AC500] Added MW_Bit address type.
  10. [HCFA R Series] Added new driver.
  11. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where data cannot be written to WSTRING address type.
  12. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 Absolute Addressing (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where tags cannot be correctly selected if the imported TIA project file (*.ap##) contains multiple devices
  13. [Atlas Copco Torque Tool Open Protocol (Ethernet)] Added Ex Monitored Inputs address type.
  14. [Galil DMC] Updated driver

February 11, 2022 – v6.06.02.339

February 11, 2022 v6.06.02.339

  1. cMT2108X2
  2. cMT3102X

The following issues were addressed in this release:

  1. Importing Excel file data to the Label Tag Library yields incrorrect result.
  2. 2D Barcode Display object cannot be created after editing of any Weincloud or Push Notification Barcode Display object.
  3. ID:4 error may occur on selected devices.
  4. Projects in which KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic) driver is used cannot be opened.
  5. The count parameter for statistics related macro functions (AVERAGE, MAX, MIN…etc) cannot be greater that 263.
  6. Scientific notation with negative exponent cannot be used in macro.
  7. In [Action Trigger], the actions are not triggered in accordance with the Value change mode setting.
  8. In picture library setting, slight color deviation may be observed in the preview image within the edit window:
  9. ID:1 error may occur on selected devices
  10. In [JS object], using canvas transform yields unexpected results.
  11. In [Numeric] and [ASCII], using particular text alignment or position settings can stretch the touchable area beyond the object’s bounds
  12. Customized file handling setting of Trend Display cannot be saved.
  13. Unstable communication with a device may cause its related MQTT topic subscriptions to terminate.
  14. For local HMI’s data security settings, max. value of greater than 65535 is ineffective.
  1. [OMRON EtherNet/IP NJ/NX Series] Fixed the issue where HMI-device communication does not resume after online editing.
  2. [Free Protocol] Added support for pass-through
  3. [Rockwell CompactLogix – Free Tag Names] Increased the allowed length of tag names to 256
  4. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 Absolute Addressing (Ethernet)] Added support for 64-bit addresses: IL, QL, ML.
  5. [Rockwell EtherNet/IP (CompactLogix) – Free Tag Names] [Rockwell EtherNet/IP (ControlLogix) – Free Tag Names] Index registers can now be used in multi-dimensional arrays
  6. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic) (Ethernet)] Fixed the issue where bit array data is not correctly displayed.
  7. [Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Added support for data types: LTIME, DATE, TIME_OF_DAY (TOD), DATE_AND_TIME (DT)
  8. [MODBUS RTU, RTU over TCP] [MODBUS ASCII] [MODBUS TCP/IP] 0x/1x address range limit setting supports csv file import/ export.
  9. [ABB AC500] Added MW_Bit address type.
  10. [HCFA R Series] Added new driver.
  11. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where data cannot be written to WSTRING address type.
  12. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 Absolute Addressing (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where tags cannot be correctly selected if the imported TIA project file (*.ap##) contains multiple devices
  13. [Atlas Copco Torque Tool Open Protocol (Ethernet)] Added Ex Monitored Inputs address type.
  14. [Galil DMC] Updated driver

December 01, 2021 – v6.06.02.233

December 01, 2021 v6.06.02.233

  1. [Find/Replace] Added the possibility to find in currently selected objects.
  2. [System Registers] Added EasyAccess 2.0 related system registers for displaying the number of connected users and their usernames.

cMT / cMT X Models

  1. [Condition] Condition object is now available. It provides a GUI way to build conditions, which may be used in place of macro commands.
  2. [Trend Display]
    1. Added [Connect data gaps] option. This option determines whether the trend curves stay connected when there are missing data. Below are two trend curves drawn from the same data source; one is not connected and the other is connected:
    2. Added “Zoom button visibility” setting, providing an option to show/hide the Zoom Button.Zoom Visibility Button
    3. Scrolling along only the X-axis or Y-axis is now possible.
    4. Displaying the range where there are originally more than 10000 records is now possible. Following this release, when the number of records exceeds 10000 within the specified time range, data from the entire range will still be displayed. However, selected data points may be omitted to maintain system performance. (Before, the display limit was strictly the last 10000 records within specified time range.)
  3. [Energy Demand] Added a control address for clearing and resetting all relevant data.
  4. [Action Trigger] Added [User secure access] mode. In this mode, actions are triggered when access to a security class is obtained or lost.
  5. [Recipe View] Added [Allow in-cell editing] option for editing recipe records directly in a Recipe View table. Below is an example:
  6. [Operation Log] A label from the label library can now be used as comment.
  7. [Screen Hardcopy] Added [Crop window] option for taking a cropped screenshot.
  8. [Backup][Import/Export] Semicolon (;) can now be used as delimiter in a CSV file. Related settings can be found in [System Parameters].
  9. [Draw] Link Line now allows arrowheads at the ends. EBPro Release Notes
  10. [Data Sampling] [Event Log] Added support for using Backup object to generate a backup file with checksum. EasyConverter can then be used to examine data integrity.
  11. [JS Object] Canvas now supports getImageData method.
  12. [Database Server] MS SQL now supports Numeric(p,s) data types.
  13. [PDF Reader] [Picture View] Two-finger zoom in/out gestures are now supported on capacitive touchscreens.
  14. [Video In] IP Camera video streams can now be displayed in cMT Viewer on Windows.
  15. [Trend Display, Event Display, and objects that contain Option dialog] The language used in Option dialog can now be changed according to the language mode system register.

The following issues were addressed in this release:

  1. When Data Sampling saves to HMI memory until space full in Customized File Handling mode, it incorrectly saves to system reserved memory when storage space is insufficient. Following the correction, data sampling will stop in such a case.
  2. Macro’s Round() function did not work properly on non-cMT models such as iE, eMT series.
  3. Data for an hour may be missing when reading a db file using EasyConverter.
  4. The system register LB-11958 is not triggered when time settings are incorrect.
  5. The system keyboard setting of a Numerical Input object cannot be saved without at least a custom keyboard set up.
  1. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] [Weintek Built-in CODESYS] [Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] Index registers can now be used in multi-dimensional arrays.
  2. [MODBUS TCP/IP][MODBUS RTU, RTU over TCP] Increased the number of special-purpose 0x, 1x addresses (0x_1, 0x_2,…, 1x_1, 1x_2,….) to 32 each.
  3. [DELTA AS300/DVP-ES3 MODBUS RTU/ASCII] [DELTA AS300/DVP-ES3 MODBUS TCP/IP] These drivers now support DVP-ES3 and are renamed accordingly. Also added addresses: X(Oct), Y(Oct), X_Bit(Oct), Y_Bit(Oct)
  4. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 Absolute Addressing (Ethernet)] Fixed errors that occur when reading consecutive string data.
  5. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Fixed communication issues for iE, eMT (non-cMT) models.
  6. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] [Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] Added an option for login to device using username and password.
  7. [FATEK FB/FBs/B1/B1z Series] Added address types: WX_16BIT, WY_16BIT, WM_16BIT, WS_16BIT.
  8. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic) (Ethernet)] Fixed communication issues with tags that are mapped to W, DM (DD.ddd format) addresses.

October 07, 2021 – v6.06.01.446

October 07, 2021 v6.06.01.446

  1. Added support for Weincloud Dashboard.
  2. Added support for custom resolution up to 1920×1200 for cMT-FHDX-220.
  1. Fixed an issue where multi-lined text is not displayed in the specified color in an ASCII object.
  2. Fixed an issue where VNC Viewer does not properly display screens with certain resolutions.
  3. Fixed an issue where LB-9060 (password error bit) may sometimes be triggered by mistake when using general security mode on a cMT model.
  4. Fixed an issue where data may be missing because EasyConverter is not aware of Daylight-Savings Time setting on the host computer.
  5. Fixed an issue where the alignment settings of the labels in objects may be incorrect after decompilation.
  6. Fixed an issue where opening certain files may take a while.
  7. Fixed an issue where the states of Multi-State Switches are displayed incorrectly.
  8. Fixed an issue where the original password cannot be used after decompilation.
  9. Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances, a record may be occasionally missing when OPC UA Server reads device value.
  10. [cMT] Fixed an issue where login with USB Security Key may not be possible.
  11. Fixed an issue where the certificate for MQTT cannot be imported.
  12. Fixed an issue where Greek characters do not display with the correct font.
  13. [cMT] Fixed an issue where in Dynamic Drawing, a border with incorrect color is drawn when drawing a filled shape.
  14. Fixed an issues related to text alignment settings.
  15. Optimized certain behaviors of PDF Reader.
  16. Fixed an issue where max read / write command size settings of device are not correctly saved.
  1. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)] Fixed issue where tags that contain upercase letters cannot be read.
  2. [OPC UA Client] Fixed an issue where data may not be correclty recorded when used with Data Sampling.
  3. [Compact/ControlLogix EtherNet/IP CIP (Preferred)] Fixed compatibility issue whith older CPU platforms.
  4. [Inovance H5U Series (Ethernet)] Added new driver.
  5. [OPC UA Client] Fixed issue where certain tags connot be used in objects even after successfully imported.
  6. Expanded address range of LS Series drivers:
    2. [LS XGI FEnet (Ethernet)]:WW
  7. [IDEC Microsmart FC6A Series] Fixed tag import issues.
  8. [BACnet IP] Fixed tag import issues.
  9. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where array data cannot be properly written to device using macro.

August 09, 2021 – v6.06.01.332

August 09, 2021 v6.06.01.332

  1. cMT2078X
  2. cMT2158X
  1. [Find Overlapping Objects] Added tool to help find overlapping objects in a project.
  2. [Convert to Combo Button] Added tool to help convert multiple objects into a single Combo Button.
  3. [Copy Formatting] Added tool to copy text formatting from one object and apply it to another one.
  4. [Label] Added support for vertical / horizontal alignment of text relative to the object. Added Vertical Alignment button in the ribbon menu (The multiline align setting has been renamed as such).
  5. [Window Copy] When performing window copy, underlay windows will be copied along with the target window.

Features, additions listed in this section are available for cMT / cMT X series models that support the listed objects.

  1. [OPC UA Server] Added reverse high / low byte setting for string tags.
  2. [Database Server] Added support for connection with Azure SQL Database.
  3. [Data Sampling] Added an option in Customized File Handling. When file creation mode is Trigger mode, this option can be selected so that, following HMI reboot, data will be written to a new file only after the designated register has been triggered.
  4. [Numeric] Allowed Float and Double data types to use customized display format.
  5. [PLC Web Browser] Added support for Status and Error Code control addresses.
  6. [Alarm Display / Event Display] Added support for displaying column headers.
  7. [Numeric] Added support for displaying column headers.
  8. [MQTT] In value-trigger-based mode, added [Included in all messages sent] option in MQTT Publisher’s Address settings. Added [Required for all incoming messages] option in MQTT Subscriber’s Address settings.
  9. [System Registers] Added WiFi hotspot related system registers.
  10. [Control Token] Added support for manual control token acquisition. The control token can be acquired or unacquired by using an Action Trigger object.
  11. [Project] Added support for project checksum to ensure project integrity. It can be found during compilation, uploading / downloading of project, or in th corresponding system registers.
  12. [Others] Added support for Cyrillic keyboard layout.

All features listed in this section are added on cMT / cMT X series for compatibility with the behavior of legacy models.

  1. [Backup][Screen Hardcopy] Added support for output to FTP.
  2. [Trend Display][History Data Display][Event Display] Added support for history Control Addresses.
  3. [Trend Display] Added support for dynamic X-axis time range control.
  4. [Event Log] Provided and option to record dynamic String ID when using a string table.
  1. [LEADSHINE mPLC2 Modbus RTU, TCP/IP] Added new driver.
  2. [YOKOGAWA FA-M3] Added address types: TP, TU, CU.
  3. [YASKAWA MP2300Siec (Ethernet)] Added Electronic Key option.
  4. [CAN Bus CANopen Slave] Added NMT START Command control address.
  5. [Siemens S7-300 MPI][Siemens S7-300/ET200S (Ethernet)] Added address types: T,C.
  6. [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names (Ethernet)] Added support for import (tpy) and use of tags in their hierarchical form.
  7. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic)(Ethernet)] Added support for the use of Function Block addresses.
  8. [ODVA EtheNet/IP (Explicit Messaging)] Added support for binary access to array addresses.

May 05, 2021 – v6.05.02.434

May 05, 2021 v6.05.02.434

  1. [Macro] Added built in macro functions: CEIL, FLOOR, ROUND, INPORT4.
  2. [Macro] Added an (optional) parameter for DATE2ASCII function; the input argument is a separator that is inserted between the year, month, day (YYYY MM DD) strings.
  3. Added dynamic file name support for extended memory.
  1. Added support for the following features Categorized by type.
    • Buttons / Lamps
      1. Combo Button
      2. Word Lamp -Bit Combination
    • Numeric Display
      1. Customized Display Format
      2. Macro Subroutine Scaling
    • Charts
      1. Pie Chart
      2. Dynamic Drawing
      3. Dynamic Scale
      4. Table
    • Data Sampling
      1. Customized File Name
      2. Circular Trend Display
    • Event Log
      1. Dynamic Condition
      2. Statistics
    • Browser / Viewer
      1. File Browser
      2. Picture View
    • Recipe Management
      1. Recipe Database
      2. Recipe View
      3. Recipe Import / Export
    • System Safety
      1. Enhanced Security Mode
      2. Operation Log
    • Others
      1. Flow Block
      2. Daylight Saving Time

Feature additions listed in this section are available for cMT / cMT X series models that support the listed objects.

  1. [Alarm Bar][Alarm Display][Event Display][Event Bar Chart] Added “Option Button Visibility” setting. It provides and option to show / hide the Option Button or to control its visibility dynamically by a register. Note: Checking the Option Button opens the Option dialog.
  2. [File Transfer] Added support for dynamic adjustments of the FTP server connection parameters.Note: File Transfer is one of the actions that can be triggered by Action Trigger /Combo Button.
  3. [File Transfer] Added the option [Delete the source file after successful transfer].
  4. [Meter] Added support for visibility setting of the pin point.
  5. [System Parameters] Added “Display time for min. press time” settings. Applying to buttons whose “min. press time” is non-zero, it allows a countdown timer to be shown when buttons are pressed.
  6. [System Parameters] Added “Play next sound after stopping previous” option.
  7. [SQL Query] Increased the SQL query command limit to 2000 characters.
  8. [Recipe View] Added support for content filter.
  9. [Enhanced Security Mode] Added support for SSL encryption for LDAP mode.
  10. [System Registers] Added the following system registers related to mounting of external USB devices.
    LW-12492 Last detected USB partition ID
    LW-12496 Last detected USB partition size (GB)
    LW-12498 Set the partition ID to be used as USB1
    LW-12502 Set the partition ID to be used as USB2

    The registers may be, for example used to force an external USB to mount to a specific location, dist1 or disk2.

All features listed in this section are added on cMT/ cMT X series for compatibility with the behavior of legacy models.

  1. [Remote HMI] Increased the maximum allowable to 64.
  2. [Option List] Added color setting for the selected row.
  3. [Picture View] Added First and Last buttons in the toolbar.
  4. [XY Plot], [Trend Display], [Alarm Display], [Event Display], [History Data Display] Added picture settings.
  5. [Media Player] Added [No control] mode.
  6. [Video In] Added support for single image capture.
  7. [Video In] Added [Use pause control] for the control address, i.e., pause command is available.
  8. [Alarm Display] [Event Display] Added support for [Scrolling control address] designation.
  9. [Alarm Display] [Event Display] Added support for event acknowledgement by double-click.
  10. [Alarm Display] [Event Display] Added support for event sorting by occurrence count (real-time mode).
  11. [System Parameters] Added the [Enable time synchronization with external device when HMI starts] option.
  12. [Recipe View] Added support for automatic scrolling to the view that shows the row specified by the value of RECIPE Selection.
  13. [Recipe View] Added color setting for the selected row, for Default style.
  14. [Timer (per-page)] Added support for this object to use timers in individual windows.
  15. [Scheduler] Added support for sound.
  16. [Shape] Added support for legacy pattern types (dot and line pattern types).
  17. [System Register] Added support for the following system registers related to data logs and event logs.
    • System Safety
    • LB-9035: HMI free space insufficiency alarm
    • LB-9036: SD card free space insufficiency alarm
    • LB-9037: USB disk 1 free space insufficiency alarm
    • LB-9026: delete all data sampling files on HMI memory
    • LB-11950: delete all data sampling files on SD card
    • LB-11953: delete all data sampling files on USB disk 1
    • LB-11956: delete all data sampling files on USB disk 2
    • LB-9034: save event/data sampling to HMI, USB disk, SD card
    • LB-9023: delete all event log files on HMI memory
    • LB-11941: delete all event log files on SD card
    • LB-11944: delete all event log files on USB disk 1
    • LB-11947: delete all event log files on USB disk 2
    • LB-9034: save event/data sampling to HMI, USB disk, SD card
  1. Fixed the issue where EasyBuilder Pro allows cMT-FHDX models to set PLC Web Browser related features. At this moment, PLC Web Browser is not supported on cMT-FHDX.
  2. Fixed the issue where Unicode related macro functions (UnicodeCat, Unicode Excluding, UnicodeLength, Utf82Unicode) cannot be properly executed on HMI.
  3. Fixed the issue where macro may stop abnormally after performing the described operations: Use GetData() to read data from a recipe database and then use SetData() to write the data to Tag PLC addresses.
  4. Fixed the issue where MQTT topic subscriber under manual operation mode can no longer handle any data once it has processed a message that does not correctly contain all keys.
  5. Fixed the issue where USB related features do not work properly on cMT-SVR.
  6. Fixed the issue where Scheduler does not perform actions at the correct time the first time after clocks change.
  7. Fixed the issue where cMT Viewer cannot display Event Display contents when it connects to a program that is not created using v6.05.02.
  8. Fixed the issue where the label’s option, ON=OFF (use state 0), bit lamp /toggle switch in ineffective.
  9. (cMT2078X/cMT3072X/cMT3072XH) Fixed the issue where event log does not show on the web page.
  10. (cMT Series HMI, cMT Viewer) Fixed an issue where the screen display may come to an abnormal halt when an event with the following condition has been triggered. Condition: The option [Enable continuous beep until acknowledged or recovered] for sound is enabled.
  1. Added support for USB2.
  1. Added support for SQL Query.
  1. [KONNEX KNXnet/IP] Added [Support multiple connections] option under Tunneling mode.
  2. [Schneider MODBUS RTU] Added new addresses %I, %Q, %IW, %QW, %SW, %KW, %IWS, %X, %TM_V, %TM_P, %TM_Q.
  3. [XINJE MTX XD/XL Series] Added new driver.
  4. [MODBUS Server] Added new driver.
  5. [MODBUS Server] Fixed an issue that results in incorrect response to commands with function code 0x06 (write single holding register).
  6. Added the driver Mitsubishi M80 (Ethernet).
  7. CODESYS V3 (Ethernet) added optimum communication protocols.
  8. Added the driver CHONG HUI Controlwell MD Series.
  1. Added support for monitoring of tag-based addresses.
  2. Added support for monitoring of data in Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Binary formats.
  1. Added support for connections using non-default ports. The way to use non-default ports is by entering the offset along with IP address; for example, if offset is 10000, enter in the IP field. The allowable range of offset is 0~19999. All ports used will have an offset accordingly.
  1. Added support for integrity check of Operation Log by Command Line Interface.
  2. Added support for conversion of data logs and event logs in MS SQL / MySQL database into CSV files (using Command Line Interface).

Jan 07, 2021 – v6.05.01.565

Jan 07, 2021 v6.05.01.565

  1. [PDF Reader] Added support for designating an address to dynamically change zoom ratio.
  2. Added S7-300 MPI SubnetID Tool.
  3. Added [PLC Web Browser] support for cMT3092X, cMT3152X and cMT3162X. The applicable OS version is 20201202 or later.
  1. Fixed an issue where certain windows in EasyBuilder Pro may grow too big when the font size in Windows is set to 125%.
  2. Fixed an issue where download attempt after an Event Log import from Excel file does not trigger compilation.
  3. Fixed an issue where incorrect permissions were granted when a user logs in to an OPC UA server by username / password.
  4. Fixed an issue where the latest file in the Data Log (with Customized File Handling enabled) is deleted after project re-download.
  5. Fixed an issue where addresses used by certain objects are not reflected accordingly in the Address Grid.
  1. [KEYENCE KV-8000 (Symbolic)(Ethernet)] Added new driver.
  2. [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names] Fixed an issue where STRUCT containing certain characters cannot be imported.
  3. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)] Fixed an issue where Description are not correctly imported.
  4. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)] Fixed an issue where cMT-SVR may sometimes be disconnected from OMRON NJ.
  5. [RS Automation X8 Series] Fixed an issue where address settings in a decompiled file are not correct.
  6. [OPC UA Client] Fixed an issue where using many tags (> 2000) may cause the system to stop working.
  7. [OPC UA Client] Fixed bit writing issues with certain OPC UA server.
  8. [OPC UA Client] Added index register support for array tags.
  9. [Mitsubishi M70 (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where bit data cannot be correctly written when using a macro.
  10. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (S7CommPlus, Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Added index register support for string array tags.
  11. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (S7CommPlus, Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Optimized communication.
  12. [CAN Bus]strong> Fixed an issue where 64-bit data cannot be correctly read when using macro.
  13. [Siemens S7-300 MPI] Optimized communication for cMT X Series models.
  14. [BACnet/IP][BACnet/MSTP] Added support for UDINT data type.

Nov 15, 2020 – v6.05.01.441

Nov 15, 2020 v6.05.01.441

  1. (Basic and Advanced HMIs) Fixed an issue where SYNC_TRIG_MACRO() and ASYNC_TRIG_MACRO() functions do not execute the specified macro.
  2. Fixed an issue where there is unintended blank space around the address setting field for some languages of EBPro installation.
  3. Fixed an issue where OPC UA HDA does not save historical data.
  1. [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names] Fixed an issue where the system may not operate properly when using this driver.
  2. [S7-1200/1500 (S7CommPlus, Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Added support for the use of string array with customized length.
  3. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)] Fixed an issue where individual bits of DINT data cannot be accessed.
  4. [Mitsubishi M70 (Ethernet)] Added new driver

Nov 5, 2020 – v6.05.01.391

Nov 5, 2020 v6.05.01.391

All features listed in this section are available exclusively for cMT series or selected models only.

  1. [Set Word] Added “Write constant string” operation.
  2. [System Registers] Added system register LB-12752: Disable / Enable vibration.
  3. [SQL Query] Added support for customizing the length of the error message and the upper limit is 200 words.
  4. [MQTT] Added support for enabling/disabling individual topic publisher /subscriber (in security tab).
  5. [MQTT] Added manual processing mode for topic subscriber. In this mode, subscribed data get placed in a queue before being processed manually.
  6. [MQTT] Added “Clear message buffer when disconnecting gracefully” option.
  7. [Trend Display] Added “Adapt to device screen pixel density (DPI)” option for adjusting the font/button sizes according to the DPI settings.
  8. [Bar Graph] Added support for dynamically changing the color of the Bar Graph.
  9. [Data Transfer] Added support for filename filtering using * and ? wildcard characters.
  10. [Data Sampling] Added support for setting the data format for each channel. The same settings may be used by its Trend / History Data Display charts.
  11. [Recipe Database] Added dedicated recipe commands for transferring recipe data between HMI and PLC.
  12. [PLC Web Browser] Feature added. Availability varies by model and OS version.
  13. [Operation Log] Added support for using Backup object to generate a backup file with checksum. EasyConverter can then be used to examine data integrity.
  14. [JS Object] [JS Resource] Features added. JS related features allow the use of JavaScript to expand HMI capabilities such as accessing web resources, drawing, and interactive control. JS Resource can include JavaScript libraries or other non-JavaScript files that work with JS object. Availability varies by model and OS version. V6.05.01
  15. [Macro] Increased the number of macros to 500 (no. 0~499)
  1. Added support for using USB2.
  1. Added support for [Video Input].
  2. Added support for [Media Player].
  1. The dialog asking for administrator privilege will not show upon launching Utility Manager. Instead, it now shows when the function that actually requires administrator privilege is used.
  1. Added support for clearing HDA file (historical data) with system register LB-12753. administrator privilege will not show upon launching Utility Manager. Instead, it now shows when the function that actually requires administrator privilege is used.
  1. Added support for checking data integrity of Operation Log.
  2. Added support for working with very large db file.
  1. (Basic series) Fixed the issue where EasyAccess 2.0 does not work under certain circumstances.
  2. In the setting page for operation log, the fields to the right of the window name will no longer be editable.

Oct 21, 2020 – v6.04.02.620

Oct 21, 2020 v6.04.02.620

  1. (Basic Series) Added support for EasyAccess 2.0.
  1. Fixed an issue where project files created using an earlier version of EasyBuilder Pro may not be successfully compiled.
  2. Fixed an issue where a temporary pause may be experienced when changing window with window transition animation. This occurs only after the screen is left untouched for a long time.
  3. Fixed the settings window of certain objects so that the redundant horizontal scrollbar no longer appears.
  4. Fixed the problem where reading of data from BOOL array may, in rare cases, return incorrect result when using the driver [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)].
  5. (Basic and Advanced series) Fixed an issue where using multiple conversion tags might lead to system instability if the project is made with EBPro version V6.04.02.597 or V6.04.02.611. Only the models listed are affected.
1. [Schneider M340/M580] series (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)]Added driver.
2. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)]Improved communication efficiency of BOOL array.
3. [BACnet/IP Server]Added support for setting device id (LW-12245).
4. [Fuji SPH2000/3000 IEC mode (Ethernet)]Added driver.

Sep 21, 2020 – v6.04.02.552

Sep 21, 2020 v6.04.02.552

EasyBuilder Pro

  1. (Basic and Advanced) Added support for sorting by occurrence count for Event Display.
  1. Increased the upper limit of the argument of DELAY function from 32767 to 2147483647.
  2. Fixed issues relating to the object centering tool.
  3. Fixed an issue where the objects cannot be correctly resized using Ctrl + ← or → key combinations.
  4. (Basic and Advanced HMIs) Fixed an issue where Unicode texts are not properly displayed in ASCII object.
  5. Fixed an issue where touch gestures cannot be configured properly.
  6. (cMT) Fixed an issue where the displayed texts are not aligned as configured.
  7. (cMT) Fixed an issue where Set Word’s [Before writing] notification setting is ineffective.
  8. Added UnicodeLength macro function.

Fixed and issue where the popup window / indirect window / direct window may be displayed at an incorrect position.

(cMT) Fixed an issue where confirmation records of event log files may be interpreted incorrectly.

1. [FATEK FB/FBs/B1/B1z Series]Added support for using octal addresses for WX WY WM WS.
2. [LS XBM/XBC Cnet]Fixed communication issues related to RW, RW_Bit.
3. [Schneider Powerlogic Modbus TCP/IP]Added driver.

Aug 26, 2020 – v6.04.02.483

Aug 26, 2020 v6.04.02.483

  1. Added support for defining file names in extended memories.
  2. Adjusted address setting interface:
    1. New tags can be created using the current address setting.
    2. The list of available address tags (including system and user-defined tags) can be opened by clicking the address type drop-down.
  3. 3. The content of the tags / strings (of address tag library/ string table, respectively) is also displayed in the selection field instead of just its ID.

All features listed in this section are available exclusively for cMT series only

1. [System Parameters]Added support for setting mouse cursor size.
2. [Action Trigger]Action Trigger has two types, each with different modes for triggering action execution:
Action Trigger (Global): Effective in all windows, and actions are triggered with [Idle timeout] or [Value changed] modes.
Action Trigger (per-page): Effective only in the window where the object is placed, and actions are triggered with [Window on/off] or [Backlight on/off] modes
3. [OPC UA Server]Added support for OPC UA Historical Data Access (HDA). This feature is configured at each node.
4. [MQTT]Reclassified Connect State in System Topic into Birth Topic, Close Topic, and Last Will, the content of which can now be configured individually
5. [MQTT]Added support for previewing message content in user-defined JSON format.
6. [MQTT]Optimized multi-topic communication efficiency
7. [Text] [Picture]Added support for Flip and Rotate operations. The shortcuts are found in the Ribbon toolbar.
8. [Moving Shape]Added support for rotation control by a register
9. [MQTT]Added support for multi-line data entry.
  1. (cMT Gateway) Added support for Action Trigger object. (Supports only the functions suitable for Gateway.)
  2. (cMT Series) Added settings: [Embedded in parent window] or [Popup window] for Direct / Indirect Window. The setting determines whether the window is displayed on the top layer when it pops up.
  3. (cMT-SVR) Fixed an issue where the screen saver does not work.
  4. (Basic and Advanced HMIs) Fixed an issue where objects in momentary mode do not work properly.
  5. (Basic and Advanced HMIs) Fixed an issue where the channels are not displayed as configured in Trend Display object.
  6. Fixed an issue where the Video Input object may be displayed at an incorrect position if its dynamic RTSP URL is enabled.
  7. Fixed an issue where index registers do not work properly for certain objects.
  8. Fixed an issue where opening, editing, and decompiling certain project files may result in EasyBuilder Pro crash.
10. [Panasonic FP (Ethernet)]Added support for importing tags in a CSV file
11. [Panasonic FP/KW]Added DT_String address type.
12. [Delta AS300 MODBUS RTU/ASCII]Optimized communication efficiency by adopting multi-read mechanism.
13. [Hengtong HT_EMS]Added addresses: Dynamic Station Number and High Voltage Side Meter.
14. [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Absolute Addressing) (Ethernet)]Added support for 64bit addresses.
15. [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)] [Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] [OPC UA Client]Added two data mapping options for importing tags that contain IEC-61131 STRING data type.
16. [CoDeSys V2 Symbolic Addressing (Ethernet)]
17. [ProConOS]
18. [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC (Ethernet) Free Tag Names]
19. [Bosch Rexroth SIS (Symbolic Addressing)]
20. [IEC61850 MMS Client]
21. [Bosch Rexroth IndraControl – Free Tag Names (Ethernet)]
Fixed an issue where index registers do not work properly when being used by certain address types.
22. [Panasonic FP (Ethernet)]Fixed communication issues with devices of station number &rasquo; 10.
23. [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)]Fixed an issue where BOOL array may not be correctly read.
24. [Inovance H5U MODBUS TCP/IP]Added new driver.

Jun 23, 2020 – v6.04.01.473

Jun 23, 2020 v6.04.01.473

  1. Added support for cMT3092X, cMT3152X, and cMT3162X products
  2. Fixed an issue where addresses used by bool arrays in macro and Option List are not shown in the address grid.
  3. Fixed an issue where extended memory related error messages may appear during compilation when an earlier version project is opened using new version software.
  4. Fixed an issue where the position of the flow block is incorrect when an earlier version project is opened using new version software.
  5. Fixed an issue where macros used in Numeric Input, Action Trigger, and Touch Gesture cannot be found by Find / Replace.
  6. Increased maximum allowable length to 256 characters for Connection String of MQTT Azure IoT.
  7. Removed string table related settings for Basic HMI Series since they are not supported on Basic Series.
  8. [Multi-State Switch] Fixed an issue where the Apply button in object’s properties window does not work properly.
  9. Declared variables in macro will retain the result from last execution.
  10. [Basic HMI] Fixed an issue where dates on Trend Display’s time axis are not displayed.
  11. Fixed an issue where the screensaver appears only once on iOS version cMT Viewer.
  12. [Database Server] Fixed an issue where [Use domain name] setting cannot be remembered.
1. [Rockwell Micro850]Fixed an issue where using a non-zero index in an array in Structure may result in data reading error.
2. [Moeller XC-CPU101]Added MW_bit address.
3. [Schneider MODBUS TCP/IP]Fixed an issue where bool array addresses are not correctly displayed after importing an XSY file.
4. [OMRON EtherNet/IP NJ/NX Series]Added support for Import / Export.
5. [Schleicher XCX 300/800]Added MD_STRING address type. Added support for importing LocalVariable(POU).
6. [Rockwell Micro850] [OMRON CJ/CS/CP (Ethernet – FINS/TCP)] [Beckhoff TwinCAT 3 ADS/AMS (Ethernet)] [Rockwell – Free Tag Names]Fixed issues relating to tag import.
7. [XINJE XD Series (Ethernet)]Expanded address ranges.
8. [XINJE XD Series MODBUS TCP/IP]Added new driver.
9. Fixed an issue where off-line simulation cannot be closed normally when using certain drivers.

Apr 10, 2020 – v6.04.01.291

Apr 10, 2020 v6.04.01.291

  1. Fixed an issue where in [System Parameters] » [Security], certain settings are not correctly saved.
  2. [Basic and Advanced HMIs] Fixed an issue where the setting of system register LB-12089 is not retained after rebooting HMI.
  3. [cMT] Updated printer driver suite to hplip 3.19.12 version.
  4. Fixed issues concerning compilation of cMT-G03 project files.
  5. [cMT] Added system registers that support configuring devices up to device 64.
  6. [cMT] Fixed a comparison logic issue of “>=” in macro.
  7. [Serial Pass-Through] Updated the virtual COM driver. On Win10 computers, the driver can work properly after installation without the need for changing BIOS setting.
1. [MODBUS RTU, RTU over TCP] [MODBUS RTU Zero-based Addressing] [MODBUS Hex Addressing] [ELSIST MODBUS RTU] [CD MODBUS RTU]Fixed an issue where HMI may stop operating when setting 0x register ON. This issue only affects versions ranging from to
2. [Mitsubishi A2A/A2U/A2AS/A2USH]Added A2USH device type.
3. [BACnet/IP Server]Fixed an issue that causes the server to not work properly.
  • 1. Added Opacity setting in View tab. This setting adds transparency effect to the common window, overlay windows, and window layers. The screenshot below shows the middle object, placed in a different window layer, having transparent effect.
  • 2. Added support for showing user-defined tags and system registers in Address Grid.
  • 3. Added support for showing the label tag name of the object (if a label tag is used). This setting can be found in View tab.

All features listed in this section is available exclusively for cMT series only

1. [Touch Gesture]Added the touch gesture feature. (applicable only for cMT3152X, cMT3162X)
2. [Enhanced Security Mode]Added support for user login with Microsoft AD (LDAP protocol).
3. [Direct Window]
[Indirect Window]
Added support for changing window position dynamically. This setting can be found in the Position tab in the object settings window.
4. [Meter]For the customized meter style, changed pointer width and length setting value to percentage instead, and allowed wider range of values for selection. With the new settings, using a 1:1 picture as pointer style is possible, as shown in the following compass example application.
5. [Numeric]Added support for using Scientific Notation for Numeric objects, as shown in the object on the left in the screenshot below.
6. [Trend Display]Added support for setting decimal places for Y-axis values. This setting can be found in the Data Format tab in the object settings window.
7. [Calendar]Added output feature. By tapping on a date in the calendar, the date can be output to the designated addresses.
8. [History Data Display]Added watch feature. By tapping on a record in History Data Display object, data in the selected row can be output to the designated addresses. This setting can be found in the General tab in the object settings window.
9. [System Parameters]Added a new option: “Set value when leaving focus”. When this option is selected, values will be written upon leaving the input mode of a Numeric / ASCII object, even if not by pressing the ENTER key. This setting can be found in General tab of System Parameter Settings.
10. [Backup(Per-page)]
Added support for separating files according to date or number of rows when saving backup as CSV file.
11. [Recipe Database]Added bit access support for BCD, HEX, Binary data types.
12. [Database Server]Enabled TLS/SSL encryption and server verification when using MySQL. This feature can be configured in TLS/SSL tab.
13. [Flow Block]Added support for drawing non-vertical/horizontal lines as shown in the following screenshot.
14. [Action Trigger]
[Combo Button]
Added support for transferring multiple files in a folder using File Transfer (FTP).
15. [Video Input]Added support for setting the recording time for Video Input.
  • 1. Added Micro Debug tool.
  • 1. Added support for cMT Viewer to retain the value of the system register PLW-9134 (language mode (on tablet)). That is, when cMT Viewer is opened next time, it resumes last language setting.
Added new driver.
2. [KUKA EtherNet/IP
(Implicit Messaging)]
Added new driver.

Apr 6, 2019 – v6.03.02.463

Apr 6, 2019 v6.03.02.463

  • 8. [cMT] Fixed comparison logic issue of “>=” in macro.
  • 9. [Basic and Advanced HMIs] Fixed an issue where the setting of system register LB-12089 is not retained after rebooting HMI.
  • 10. [Serial Pass-Through] Updated the virtual COM driver. On Win10 computers, the driver can work properly after installation without the need for changing BIOS setting.
4. [MODBUS RTU, RTU over TCP] [MODBUS RTU Zero-based Addressing] [MODBUS Hex Addressing] [ELSIST MODBUS RTU] [CD MODBUS RTU]Fixed an issue where HMI may stop operating when setting 0x register ON. This issue only affects versions ranging from to
5. [Mitsubishi A2A/A2U/A2AS/A2USH]Added A2USH device type.
7. [LS XBM/XBC/XGK CPU DIRECT] [LS XGK Cnet] [LS XBM/XBC FEnet (Ethernet)]Expanded address range.

Feb 13, 2020 – v6.03.02.393

Feb 13, 2020 v6.03.02.393

EasyBuilder Pro

  • Fixed an issue where preloading fonts can make the program unable to start properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Modbus Server cannot read PLC data correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where device IP related system registers are incorrect when using Modbus Server (Ethernet interface).
  • Fixed an issue where minor position adjustment of multiple selected objects using the arrow keys is impossible.
  • Fixed an issue where compilation may fail when the project contains an error GIF file.
  • Disabled monopoly setting of the default window in project templates
  • Fixed an issue where certain project file settings may not be saved correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where minor position adjustment of multiple selected objects using the arrow keys is impossible.
  • Fixed an issue where connecting certain Ethernet type PLC again after running on-line simulation is impossible.
  • (L/XL/P Series) [Event Display] Fixed an issue where the incorrect elapsed time is displayed.
  • [Data Transfer (Per-page)] Fixed an issue where “0 is short of space” message shows when opening the settings window of this object.
  • [cMT] Fixed an issue where connection may not be established successfully due to the delayed reply from database server to ALTER command that occurs when using MariaDB 5.5.
  • [cMT] Fixed an issue where a printer may be mistakenly displayed as installed when it is being re-installed after installation fails with error.
  • [Macro] Fixed an issue where RAND function does not output properly.
  • [Macro] Fixed a number of compilation issues.
  • [Macro] Fixed an issue where macro functions StringInsert and FLOAT2ASCII cannot be executed properly.
  • [Macro] Fixed an issue where certain calculations in macro may not be carried out correctly.


  • Fixed potential DLL security vulnerabilities.

cMT Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where cMT viewer cannot connect to the device whose project file was compiled and downloaded using an earlier version of EasyBuilder Pro.
  • [Modbus] Fixed an issue where setting 0x /1x address range may start with an incorrect read address.
  • [OMRON EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series)] Fixed connection issue that occurs after disconnection.
  • [MODBUS] Added 64-bit addresses.
  • [BACnet/IP] Fixed an issue where data cannot be accessed for a period of time under communication using COV mode.
  • [Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] Added support for communication with M241 firmware v5 or later (PLC software using Machine Expert).
  • [CODESYS V2 (Symbolic Addressing)] Added support for accessing bits for Word data type.
  • [Delta AS300 MODBUS RTU/ASCII][ Delta AS300 MODBUS /TCP/IP] Added L and L_Bit addresses.
  • [Schneider MODBUS TCP/IP] Added %TM_V, %TM_P, %TM_Q, and %X addresses.
  • Siemens S7-1200/1500 Series: Added support for importing .ap15_1, .ap16 files. (TIA Portal V15.1 V16)
  • [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where compilation error may occur due to incorrect identification of Tag address type.
  • [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where incorrect value may be obtained after reading a tag using Modbus TCP/IP Gateway.
  • [Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC – Free Tag Names (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where String arrays cannot be read correctly.
  • [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where data types: LINT, ULINT, LREAL cannot be access properly.

From version or later, [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] driver is no longer applicable for L and B Series models. Instead these models can use the [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Absolute Addressing) (Ethernet)] driver.

Nov 15, 2019 – v6.03.02.257

Nov 15, 2019 v6.03.02.257

  • Added support for cMT-CTRL01
  • Basic Series HMIs with Ethernet: Added support for VNC Server.

EasyBuilderPro common features

  • Added support window layers, a way of organizing objects in a window. Having added layers to a window, objects can be placed within different layers as appropriate. Objects in selected layers can be displayed while those in other layers are invisible, which greatly facilitates the screen design process.
  • Expanded system picture library. New libraries include generic icons across multiple themes, industrial buttons and switches, P&ID symbols……etc.
  • Added “Apply” button to the object property settings window. This button allows saving of the settings without having to close the window.
  • Added support for search function and the use of hashtag for the picture libraries in the Browse Libraries interface.
  • Added [Duplicate to Every State], [Duplicate to Every Language], and [Duplicate to Every State and Language] shortcut buttons into text settings in Home tab which can be used to duplicate the current text settings of the selected object to its other states or languages.
  • Moved settings relating to Recipe Database to the Data / History tab.

cMT Series

  • Added support for 64-bit data type.
  • Added [BACnet Schedule] object. This feature is only applicable when using the [BACnet/IP] driver and it helps visualize and access schedule data in BACnet controller with a graphical UI.
  • [Recipe View] Made whether or not to display specific columns configurable.
  • [MQTT] Added support for Google Cloud IoT Core.
  • [MQTT] Added support for using nested structure for Topic Subscriber under JSON (Advanced) mode.
  • [MQTT] Added support for automatically building data structure using JSON template under JSON (Advanced) mode.
  • [Backup (per page)] [Backup (global)] Added support for using SQL Query as data source.
  • [Picture Viewer] Added support for playing GIF-format images.
  • [Option List] Added row height setting.
  • [Alarm Bar] [Alarm Display] [Event Display] [Event Bar Chart] Added dynamic category range setting.
  • [Action Trigger][Combo Button] Added [Write constant string] option for Set Word action.
  • [Action Trigger][Combo Button] Added [File Transfer (FTP)] action.
  • [Function key] Added line feed option for keyboard input.
  • [File Browser] Added [Select] command.
  • [System Parameter Setting] Added [Trigger release actions anyway if touch moves out of the button] option.
  • Added system register LB-12665 : open USB/SD card download/upload dialog.
  • Added the following system registers relating to Wi-Fi hotspot feature:
    • LB-12666 : Disable/enable Wi-Fi Hotspot
    • LB-12667 : Refresh Wi-Fi Hotspot setting
    • LW-12006 (16 words) : Wi-Fi Hotspot SSID
    • LW-12022 (32 words) : Wi-Fi Hotspot password

Utility Manager

  • (cMT Series) Added cMT Diagnoser. This tool can be used to access the data of HMI (cMT Series models, including Gateway models) and the PLC it’s connected to, the communication status and details between HMI and PLC, and the communication status between HMI and MQTT Server.
    [Database Server] Fixed an issue where re-connecting to MS SQL Server frequently for a long period will stop data from updating.

    View data

    View communication status with PLC

    View communication status with MQTT server
  • [Backup] Fixed an issue where LB-9039 (status of file backup activity) is not set ON when backing up data to EasyPrinter.
  • [Window Copy] Fixed an issue where the pictures in a window are not copied simultaneously when window copying from an earlier version of project file.
  • [Data Sampling] Fixed an issue where [Set OFF after sampling finished] option is not canceled after changing from Trigger-based to Time-based mode.
  • Fixed an issue where frequently writing same values to specific system reserved registers (LW-9134, LB-9019 and LB-9033) for a long period may cause system instability.

cMT Series

  • [Database Server] Fixed an issue where re-connecting to MS SQL Server frequently for a long period will stop data from updating.

cMT Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where pictures or texts appear blurry when in 1:1 ratio and either project screen width or height is smaller than that of cMT Viewer.


  • Added support for [cMT Server OS Update].
  • [EasyWatch] Added MODBUS RTU (Zero-based Addressing) driver.
  • [Serial Pass-Through] Fixed an issue where cMT Gateway’s pass-through parameters cannot be correctly set.
  • [Ethernet Pass-Through] Fixed an issue where Ethernet Pass-Through cannot be used when the default gateway IP address is not set on PC.
  • [Ethernet Pass-Through] Added support for using this feature on Gateway Series.
  • Added support for 64-bit data type for the following PLC series:
    • [MODBUS] [Rockwell CompactLogix/ControlLogix/Micro850]
    • [OMRON EtherNet/IP NJ/NX]
    • [OPTO22 CONT Protocol]
    • [EMERSON ControlWave]
    • [CODESYS V2/V3]
    • [Schneider SoMachine M]
    • [Beckhoff TwinCAT]
  • [BACnet/IP Server] Added support for tags that shows server status and fixed disappeared Alarm objects.
  • [Allen-Bradley Compact/Control Logix – Free Tag Names] Added support for multi-dimensional array.
  • [Barcode Scanner/Keyboard] Expanded BARCODE address range.
  • [Bosch Rexroth SIS (Symbolic Addressing)] Added support for importing SYM file.
  • [FATEK FB/FBs/B1/B1z Series] Added support for T_FBe, C_FBe addresses.
  • [SAIA S-BUS (Ethernet)] Expanded Flag, Input, and Output address ranges.
  • [Siemens LOGO (Ethernet)] Added support for LOGO 0BA0 model.
  • [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] Added support for Toshiba Motorola Byte device.
  • [Modbus TCP/IP] Fixed an issue where incorrect byte-swapping occurs when a value is mis-written to LW-10518.
  • [KOYO DIRECT] Added support for cMT-G03 serial bridge.
  • [Motrona MC700] Added support for CODE_Bit address.
  • [PARKER SLVD Series] Fixed an issue where writing specific values to specific address will fail.
  • [Siemens S7-300/ET200S (Ethernet)] Expanded I, Q and M address ranges.
  • [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Added support for importing tags from blocks under groups.
  • [Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet)] Fixed an issue where selecting a single tag in Tag Manager is ineffective.
  • [Weintek Built-in CODESYS], [CODESYS V3 (Ethernet)] and [Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet)] Fixed data transfer issue of REAL array.

Jul 26, 2019 – v6.03.01.239

Jul 26, 2019 v6.03.01.239

cMT Series

  • PLC Web Browser: This feature is no longer supported.

EasyBuilderPro common features

  • Added support for HMI5120XL model.
  • Toolbar: added a Remove button to toolbar that allows the removal of shape, picture, and sound settings when multiple objects selected on screen editor.

cMT Series

  • Added support for cMT-iV6 model.
  • System settings: added support for system registers relating to private address index: PLW9200~PLW9215, PLW9230~PLW9260.
  • Function Key: fixed issue where “Return to previous window” and “Close window” option cannot be saved properly.
  • Screen edit: fixed issue relating to incomplete rendering of BMP images in the editing screen.
  • Utility Manager: fixed issue where a PC cannot establish connection for Ethernet Pass-through via WiFi.
  • BACnet/IP: now supports Alarms.

Jul 09, 2019 – v6.03.01.197

Jul 09, 2019 v6.03.01.197

cMT Series

  • PLC Web Browser: This feature is no longer supported.

EasyBuilderPro common features

  • Added support to change security settings of multiple objects simultaneously.
  • Trend Display: added “Relative time mode” option.

cMT Series

  • MQTT: added support for Azure IoT Hub cloud service.
  • Action Trigger: improved operation; for example, it is now possible to change the action order by using drag-and-drop.
  • Action Trigger: added “Check condition recursively when actions ended” option in Value Changed mode.
  • Combo button, ASCII: added support for designating a word address as a condition in the Security settings.
  • Added support for system register LW-9216: result of importing email data.

OPC UA Server

  • Added support for import/export of information model tag file in XML format.

Utility Manager

  • cMT Series: added the Ethernet Pass-through tool. The HMI used for Ethernet Pass-through must be using the runtime from this version or later series.

cMT Viewer

  • PC version: added print screen feature (right click menu)
  • Mobile version: added support for hiding the Start button.
  • added support for monitoring non-visible objects for Diagnoser. Example of objects include Data Sampling, Event Log, and PLC Control.
  • Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Symbolic Addressing)(Ethernet): added new driver.
  • CODESYS V2 (Symbolic Addressing): now supports accessing the bits in a word tag.

Jun 27, 2019 – v6.02.02.428

Jun 27, 2019 v6.02.02.428

  • Function Key: fixed issue where Line Feed keyboard setting cannot be correctly saved.
  • MQTT: fixed issue where messages may not be published after connection with PLC is resumed following disconnect.
  • cMT Viewer: fixed issue of rapidly switching between pages that contain large number of objects causes HMI to crash.
  • cMT Viewer: fixed issue where rectangles with particular settings cause HMI to crash.
  • Panasonic MINAS-BL KV Series: added support for connecting to multiple devices.
  • GE Fanuc RX3i (Ethernet): fixed issue where communication only possible with slot 1.
  • Delta EtherNet/IP (AS Series): fixed issue where using macro commands to write to bit address not possible.
  • ABB TotalFlow FCU: fixed issue where object addresses are incorrect after mult-copying objects that use this driver.
  • CANBus 2.0b General: fixed general communiations issues.

Jun 06, 2019 – v6.02.02.392

Jun 06, 2019 v6.02.02.392

  • Label Tag Library: fixed issue where error may occur when importing an XLSX file.
  • Event Display: fixed issue where elapsed time does not show in the editing screen.
  • System Parameter Settings: fixed issue of sequence number in device list incorrect.
  • Event Display, String Table (all HMI models except cMT Series): fixed problem of switching string table content between multiple languages not possible.
  • OPC UA Server: fixed issue where server may not start properly when using BACnet Server.
  • Database Server: fixed issue where connection with MS SQL database may not work properly under an unstable network environment.
  • Epson Robot Controller: added new driver.
  • BACnet Server: fixed an issue where BACnetProperty data is displayed incorrectly on the HMI.
  • Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet): fixed an issue where canceling tag import may lead to driver being removed.

May 10, 2019 – v6.02.02.351

May 10, 2019 v6.02.02.351

EasyBuilderPro common features

  • StringMDS: new function added.
  • Find/Replace tool: fixed an issue that prevented PLC tags from showing up in interface.
  • Event Display, String Table: fixed issue where texts from string table are displayed incorrectly in the Event Display.
  • cMT-G01: fixed issue where OPC UA server might not start if a large number of tags are defined.
  • Schneider UniTelway: fixed communication issue which occurs after running for extend period of time.

Apr 05, 2019 – v6.02.02.340

Apr 05, 2019 v6.02.02.340

EasyBuilderPro common features

  • USB audio output: added to HMI5070P and XL HMI models. Must use OS ver. 20190325 or later and select “USB audio driver” when downloading the project file.
  • MQTT: fixed issue where data may be sent more than once under certain circumstances.
  • MQTT: fixed issue where conflict in Client ID may lead to unstable system.
  • Changing drivers: fixed issue where software stops running when changing the driver under certain circumstances.
  • Event Log: fixed issue where project cannot be compiled properly when configuring watch address as a user-defined tag.
  • Object changing positions: fixed issue where position of objects on screen may change when zooming in/out of the window under Tile mode.
  • Shape: fixed issue where shapes are not displayed correctly.
  • Hemi Head Rg font: this font can now be used.
  • Trend Display: fixed issue where trend curve and Y Axis are not correctly displayed.
  • Macro, Recipe Database: fixed issue where using certain recipe names can make recipe-related macros unusable.
  • Macro: fixed issues concerning the Recipe Query functions.
  • Macro: fixed issues where Unicode not supported for Trace functions.
  • Macro: fixed issues where Recipe address cannot be used for the String GetEx function.
  • Event Display: fixed abnormal behaviors that may occur when the watch address cannot be accessed.
  • String Table: fixed issue where section names are missing after import.
  • ASCII: changed the maximum allowable number of words to 64.
  • Address tags: fixed issue where software may abruptly stop when opening an Address Tag.

cMT Series

  • VNC Viewer: fixed issue where changing page when connected to a VNC Viewer may cause system crash.
  • Diagnoser: fixed issue where Strings cannot be edited in the Diagnoser utility.
  • cMT-FHD: fixed multi-touch problems.
  • YET R, Malgun Gothic Bold, and Malgun Gothic Semilight fonts: fixed display issues when using these fonts.
  • Email: fixed issue where screenshots are not attached to an outgoing email.
  • History Data Display: fixed issue where a few items in datalogs are not correctly displayed.


  • added support to save relatively large DTL files by splitting into separate files.
  • added support to add BOM when converting a file to a CSV file.
  • fixed issue where data format is identified incorrectly when reading datalog files.
  • Siemens S7-300 MPI: fixed issue where an unknown screen appears when configuring the device address as a user-defined tag.
  • Bosch Rexroth IndraControl: fixed issue where tags cannot be imported.
  • Barcode Scanner/Keyboard: expanded the maximum readable number of words to 64 for a USB barcode device.
  • CODESYS V3 (Ethernet): fixed issue where defining initial values can cause writing problems. Also fixed issue where accessing arbitrary string lengths is impossible.
  • Omron EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX series): fixed writing issues that occur when using a string in a structure.
  • BACnet/IP server: added support for COV protocol and fixed issue where multivalue cannot be read.
  • IEC 60870-5-104 IEC104 Client: fixed communication issues with Axon server.
  • Mitsubishi QJ71E71 (Ethernet) and Mitsubishi MELSEC Q/L Binary Mode: fixed communications issues.
  • GMTCNT PLC Modbus TCP/IP: fixed issues of IP, QP addresses.
  • Modbus Gateway: added support for Tag PLC and using station numbers provided by the client.
  • Koyo Direct: fixed pass-through issue.
  • Yokogawa FA-M3: added checksum and end-character settings.
  • Modbus Server: fixed issue where data cannot be read after enabling security settings for gateway function.

Mar 17, 2019 – v6.02.02.241

Mar 17, 2019 v6.02.02.241

EasyBuilderPro common feature

  • Line Draw: added support for selecting the begin and end type of arrows
  • Numeric Input: added “Display confirmation request” option.
  • MQTT: added “UTC Time” option for timestamp setting.
  • MQTT: added “JSON (Advanced)” content format option for MQTT Topic Publisher. This format allows users to custom define the format of JSON messages.
  • MODBUS TCP/IP Gateway: added support for mapping to PLC tag addresses.

cMT Series

  • Numeric Input: added “Trigger Action” setting option.
  • VNC Viewer: added support for VNC Viewer object.
  • Calendar: added support for Calendar object.
  • Function Key: added “Display calculator window” option which allows opening a calculator for performing simple calculations on HMI.
  • Database Server: added support for using server name as the address when MS SQL Server is used (ex. HOST\SQLEXPRESS).
  • Trend Display: added “Disable Y-axis scrolling with swiping up/down” and “Disable zoom” options.
  • Control Token: added system register PLW-11998 “Control Token release countdown”.
  • Option List: added support for “Classic” style.
  • PLC Control: added system register LB-9017 to disable write-back in PLC control’s [Change Window] option.
  • (all cMT models with touchscreen): added support for system register LW-9041 ~ LW-9045 “touch status and touch position”

cMT Gateway Series

  • cMT-G03: added support for system register LB-12664: Cache Hit.

OPC UA Server

  • added support for adding Remote HMI nodes.
  • Panasonic MINAS-BL KV series: new driver

Feb 27, 2019 – v6.02.01.396

Feb 27, 2019 v6.02.01.396

EasyBuilderPro common features

  • Fixed a few compatibility issues that may occur when converting some earlier versions of project files.
  • Fixed an issue where certain sequence of operation steps may result in abnormal stop of EasyBuilder Pro software.
  • Fixed an issue where, after changing the connected device in project file, objects’ addresses are not automatically mapped to the corresponding addresses with the same name.
  • Fixed an issue where CODESYS REAL format tag cannot be used by some objects.
  • Fixed issues relating to group operation and group libraries.
  • Event Log:Fixed an issue where the background color may not be correctly displayed after import/export.
  • Fixed an issue where playing video using a model without audio output may lead to memory leak.
  • MQTT: Fixed an issue where resent messages are published twice by error.
  • Fixed issues related to the display of Address Grids and object addresses.
  • System Parameter Settings: Fixed an issue where the device list may show incorrect items when using different addresses for read/write operations.
  • Numeric: Fixed an issue where numeric display and calculation may generate incorrect result when using different addresses for read/write operations.
  • Timer: Fixed an issue where server disconnect alarm shows and HMI can no longer be operated when ET value exceeds the upper limit of the address type used.

cMT Series

  • Fixed an issue where closing a window using multiple objects simultaneously might lead to system crash.

cMT Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where closing a window using multiple objects simultaneously might lead to system crash.


  • Fixed an issue where event.db file cannot be opened.
  • Fixed an issue where contents in “Category” column from event.db file are read incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where millisecond information is incorrectly show
  • added gui.c31 to the firmware folder (to support web browser)
  • Added Modbus TCP/IP (Zero-based Addressing) driver.
  • Added Mocbus RTU (Zero-based Addressing) driver.
  • Added Modbus TCP/IP (32 Bit) driver.
  • Added Azbil Controller (CPL) driver.
  • Added Azbil MODBUS TCP driver.
  • Added Azbil MODBUS RTU driver.
  • Added Panasonic MINAS-BL DV Series driver.
  • Updated ABB EtherNet/IP (Implicit Messaging) driver: added support for EIP Adaptor mode.
  • Updated BACnet/IP Server driver: support for configuring communication port.
  • Updated Beckhoff ADS (Absolute Addressing) driver: added support for MD_FLOAT, ID_FLOAT, QD_FLOAT addresses.
  • Updated IDEC MicroSmart driver: added support for write operation for D_Bit.
  • Updated MODBUS Server driver: optimized command processing logic.
  • Updated ODVA EtherNet/IP (Explicit Messaging): support for Binary Access.
  • Updated ODVA EtherNet/IP (Implicit Messaging) and Yaskawa MP2300Siec [Ethernet] drivers: added support for input interface for RPI parameter.
  • Updated Omron CJ/CP driver: fixed issues relating to Pass Through feature.
  • Updated Omron E5CN/E5EZ/E5ZN driver: added C0_Bit~C3_Bit addresses for accessing C0~C3 bits.
  • Updated Omron EtherNet/IP (NJ/NX Series) driver: fixed issue where multi-dimensional arrays cannot be correctly read. Fixed tag import issues.
  • Updated OPC UA Client driver: fixed an issue where EasyBuilder Pro may not function properly when Display Name is empty. Also added support for write operation with ASCII objects for Word Array.
  • Updated S7-1200 (Symbolic Addressing) (Ethernet) driver: fixed an issue where multi-dimensional arrays cannot be correctly read.
  • Updated S7-1200/S7-1500 (Absolute Addressing) (Ethernet) driver: fixed an issue where using multi-layered Function Block or Data Block in a TIA project may result in incorrect tag mapping after import.
  • Updated Schneider SoMachine M Series driver: fixed an issue where String cannot be written.
  • Updated Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet) [CODESYS V3 Ethernet] driver: fixed an issue where considerably long arrays may not be successfully transferred using Data Transfer.
  • Updated Siemens S7-400 (Ethernet) driver: Fixed an issue where DBBn cannot be read.
  • Updated Yaskawa DX100/DX200/FS100/YRC1000 Robot Controller (Ethernet) driver: added support for accessing multiple devices and fixed an issue where the value in DX100 may sometimes be unstable.

Dec 13, 2018 – v6.02.01.209

Dec 13, 2018 v6.02.01.209

  • Added support for cMT3071, cMT-FHD, and MT8053iE models.
  • Renamed the cMT-HDMI model to cMT-HDM.

EasyBuilderPro common features

  • Address Tag Library: added support for tag search.
  • MQTT: support for-
    • “Use top-level key ‘d’ for all addresses” option.
    • Option for TLS/SSL encryption.
  • Draw: now supports security settings for Line, Arbitrary Line, Link Line, Arc, Ellipse/Circle, Pie, Rectangle, Polygon, and Scale.
  • Function Key: added Inc/Dec function keys for use with keyboard. These keys can increase/decrease a value by 1 when being used for numeric input.
  • Trend Display: can now include Date information for the time scale.

HMI5000B, HMI5000L Series

  • Added support for saving data to USB Disk 2.

cMT Series

  • Action Trigger object: This is a global-scope object that can trigger a series of pre-defined actions after a pre-set idle time or when the value of the designated address meets the specified condition.
  • PLC Browser object: This web browser is intended for access to a PLC’s web server for parameter configuration. The browser shows locally on the HMI screen only; it will not display on cMTViewer (when connected remotely).
  • Trend Display: added support for:
    • choosing fonts.
    • controlling channel visibility by setting bit state.
  • Combo Button: added support for an action group setting that is similar to the [Action Trigger] object. As a result, the order of the trigger actions can be configured.
  • SQL Query Result Viewer: now automatically adjusts the column width to fit the content.
  • Operation Log and Database Server: can now synchronize the Operation Log to the database.
  • MQTT: add support for Buffer settings under Sparkplug B mode.
  • for cMT3071, cMT3072, cMT83090, cMT3103, and cMT3151 models only: can now update the system setting using the description file (*.conf) during project download.

cMT Gateway Series

  • cMT-G03 model: now supports MODBUS TCP/IP Server.

cMT Viewer

  • PC version of cMTViewer has the following updates:
    • now supports fullscreen display
    • can manually load a project file. This eliminates the time spent uploading the file from the HMI. The loaded project file must be identical to the file downloaded to the HMI unit.
  • Android version of cMTViewer now supports customized keyboard.
  • Android and iOS version of cMTViewer now support using vibration mode on mobile devices for event notification.
  • Alarm Bar and Alarm Display objects: supports dynamically changing the event category to be displayed.
  • EasyDiagnoser: added a Watch feature- watch addresses can be added by clicking the + icon.
  • Added Toshiba TOSVERT VF (MODBUS TCP)driver.
  • Added Toshiba TOSVERT VF (EtherNet/IP)driver.

Oct 24, 2018 – v6.01.02.228

Oct 24, 2018 v6.01.02.228

  • Added cMT-G03 and cMT-G04 models.
  • Added System Keyboard-Flat and System Keyboard-Standard in the Picture Library to create keyboards. Note: Some project templates contain the new keyboard arrangement in Windows#83-90.
  • Flow Block object: added new arrow style.
  • System Parameter Settings: added Time Sync/DST tab so that you can enter HMI time zone information in an outgoing email so that email clients can correctly interpret and display the actual send time. HMI time zone can be viewed or changed using System tag LW-11276 during runtime.

cMT Series

  • Function Key object: added a title bar and start position settings for popup windows.
  • Numeric Input and ASCII Input objects: added [Relative to object] option for the popup position setting of a popup keypad.
  • Event Bar Chart object: added Title Bar Format setting.
  • SQL Query object: added support for accessing SQLite database stored in a USB disk or SD card.
  • Control Token feature: added Idle Timeout setting. The control token will be released when the token processor’s HMI remains untouched for a period of time longer than Idle Timeout.
  • cMT-HDMI model: added support for adjusting the audio volume and backlight brightness using System Tag registers:
    • LW-9051 for audio volume
    • LW-9040 for the backlight brightness.
  • cMT3072/3090/3103/3151 models: added support for 3G/4G dongle (with OS version 20180723 or later).

cMT Gateway Series

  • Database Server feature added.
  • Data Sampling feature added, with support for saving historical data to local memory and synchronization with the database.
  • Event Log feature: added support for saving historical data to local memory and synchronization with the database.


  • Added ability to change the CoDeSys network settings using System Tag registers.

cMT Viewer

  • Added 1:1 display mode for the PC version (accessed using the right-click menu)


  • Added support for cMT Series.

EasyBuilder Pro

  • Numeric object:
    • Fixed an issue where inputting value is not possible when interpolation is used.
    • Fixed an issue that prevents entering a negative number and decimal points.
    • Fixed a conversion error related to the use of macro subroutines which use 32-bit integers.
  • ASCII object: Fixed issue that caused incorrect display of GB coded characters.
  • Database Server: Fixed MySQL 8.0 connectivity problem. The authentication method of the login account must be set to mysql_native_password in MySQL database.
  • Event Bar Chart and Event Display objects: Fixed an issue where the system may not function properly when both objects are simultaneously placed in base window and popup window.
  • Trend Display object: Fixed an issue where enabling time scale option can make pause function ineffective.
  • Sound: Changed the default beep sound for the cMT series.
  • Import/Export feature: Fixed an issue that causes settings to be deleted.
  • Macro feature:
    • Fixed issue of macro content descrepancy upon file opening if macro contains many S7-1200 address references.
    • Fixed ASCII2DEC function conversion error for values greater than 2147483647.
  • MQTT feature: Fixed lost username/password parameters following HMI restart.
  • System Parameter settings: Added the option to delay device communication when the HMI starts.
  • Pie Chart object: Fixed issue that causes incorrectly drawn chart when the data source is floating point.
  • History Data Display object: Fixed a problem that caused addresses that are not actually used to be displayed.


  • Fixed issue that caused the HMI to run abnormally when both the following conditions are met: running CoDeSys runtime version that is older than 20180723 and communicating with Ethernet-type PLC.
  • Added ODVA EtherNet/IP (Implicit Messaging)driver.
  • Added BACNet IP Server driver.
  • Added Beckhoff ADS (Absolute Addressing) driver.
  • Updated Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Absolute Addressing)(Ethernet)to support obtaining tag information.
  • Updated MODBUS ASCII with 3x_Double, 6x_Bit and 4x_Double address types.
  • Updated Rockwell EtherNet/IP (Compactlogix) to fix tag import issue and to support new models.
  • Updated Schneider SoMachine M Series (Ethernet), Omron (Ethernet), Yaskawa (Ethernet), and CoDeSys V3 (Ethernet) drivers to fix problem where HMI is unable to resume communication if cable is not plugged in already when HMI starts.
  • Updated CANBus 2.0A/2.0B General and SAE J1939 drivers to fix an issue that prevents SetData from working more than once within a macro.
  • Updated OPC UA Client driver to optimize import/export of tags.
  • Updated Omron CJ/CS/CP and Omron CJ/CS/CP (Ethernet – FINS/TCP) drivers to support expanded EM address ranges (EMD-EM18)
  • Updated Toshiba Inverter VF driver with expanded Cmd. No B address range to FFFF15

Jul 18, 2018 – v6.01.01.213

Jul 18, 2018 v6.01.01.213

  • Fixed an issue where index registers cannot function properly with Recipe Database addresses.
  • Fixed an issue where data format setting may be incorrect when using a system register for a Numeric object.
  • Fixed an issue where combination of communication ports COM1 RS232 and COM3 RS485 2W cannot be configured for HMI5102.
  • Fixed an issue where RTC time may occasionally jump to year 2036.

EasyBuilder Pro

  • Added support for TLS 1.2 for MQTT. (HMI OS Version 20180323 or later).
  • Fixed an issue where Free Tags are not verified during compilation.
  • Fixed an issue where the data may not be correctly read when using WiFi related system registers.
  • Fixed font display issues.
  • Fixed an issue where HMI5150XL project cannot be opened.
  • Fixed an issue where picture library cannot be used for Set Bit object.
  • Fixed an issue where PLB and PLW addresses mistakenly become available for non-cMT projects.
  • Fixed an issue where changing HMI name can make project file uncompilable.
  • Fixed an issue where Trend Display object may not be normally configured when using certain types of drivers.
  • Fixed an issue where objects using local addresses may not show when continuously transferring data using Free Protocol.
  • (cMT Series) Fixed an issue where Meter’s size and location do not show as configured.
  • (cMT Series) Fixed an issue where using Monitor Mode to monitor a PLC address may cause HMI to work abnormally.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid username/password is used for connection attempt when username/password authentication is not enabled in MQTT settings.

cMT Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where connecting an HMI whose project was not made with EBPro V6.01.01 may cause the HMI to work abnormally.

OPC UA Server

  • Fixed an issue where OPC UA Server does not start as a result of certain operations


  • Fixed an issue where cMT3151 with OS version 20161220 or earlier versions installed cannot properly communicate with other devices.


  • Fixed an issue where pass-through cannot function properly.

EasySystemSetting (v1.2.0.1)

  • Fixed an issue where EasySystemSetting cannot be opened when certain locale settings are used in Windows.
  • Updated Weintek Remote IO (CANopen) driver to address the issue regarding to Send NMT.
  • Updated CAN Bus 2.0A 2.0B General and SAE J1939 driver to add support for CAN Bus device disconnection detection and address the sending issue of CAN ID.
  • Added Bosch Roxroth IndraControl – Free Tag Names (Ethernet) driver.
  • Updated Rockwell DF1, Rockwell DF1 (BCC), Rockwell EtherNet/IP (DF1) driver to expand Nfn address range.
  • Updated Saia PCD S-BUS Mode, Saia PCD S-BUS Mode driver to address the issue relating to Reg_bit addresses.
  • Added GE Fanuc 0i/30i/31i/32i/35i Series (Ethernet) driver.
  • Updated Weintek Built-in CODESYS driver to address the issue where connection with Codesys cannot be recovered after resetting Codesys.
  • Updated KOYO CLICK (Ethernet) driver to address the data reading issue relating to TXT addresses.
  • Updated Opto22 CONT Protocol (Ethernet) driver to address the displaying issue of string table.
  • Optimized communication speed for Ethernet-based PLCs.

Jun 11, 2018 – v6.01.01.141

Jun 11, 2018 v6.01.01.141

  • Fixed problem with using “” as the external MQTT broker- MQTT request sent incorrectly when authentication is not used.
  • Fixed error regarding a change to HMI name during compile.

Jun 01, 2018 – v6.01.01.117

Jun 01, 2018 v6.01.01.117

  • Added support for the following models:
  • – cMT3072 7″(1024x600pixels) HMI with built-in CODESYS support (requires a license and dedicated OS)

EasyBuilder Pro

  • added support for [WeChat Barcode Display] object. Displays the QR code needed for EasyAccess 2.0 push notification via WeChat
  • separate password protection for individual macros now supported
  • additional MQTT features:
    • %0 (HMI Name) and %2 (Random Code) for Client ID
    • variable now supported for topics
    • bit control now supported when publishing topics
  • Macros have additional statistic functions: AVERAGE, HARMEAN, MAX, MEDIAN, MIN, STDEVP, and STDEVS

Basic and Advanced HMI models

  • History Data Display object: can now delete or modify historical data sampling

cMT models

  • added support for new feature called Control Token. Available in Combo Button, Numeric Input, ASCII Input, Direct Window and Indirect Window objects.
    • The control token prevents control of an object by multiple clients simultaneously. When enabled, the HMI gives the token to the first cMT Viewer client that displays the target object.
    • Any other cMT Viewer clients that connect are not able to obtain the token until first client closes the screen that contains the targeted object. Then the token is passed to the second cMT Viewer client, and so on.
  • Data Sampling and Event Log objects: option to remove the 10,000 record limit when saving history data to HMI memory.
  • MS SQL Server for the Database Server object now supported.
  • MQTT Sparkplug B now supported. This allows an HMI to be the Edge of Network Node in a Sparkplug architecture.
  • Event Bar Chart object now supported. The new object depicts Event Log information using bargraphs.
  • The allowable number of cMT Viewer connections can now be specified in the System Parameter settings. The connection limit maximum is 10 connections.
  • Added the following system registers to support multiple cMT Viewer clients connected to the HMI: Models supported cMT-SVR, cMT3072, cMT3090, cMT3103, cMT3151, and cMT-HDMI.
    • LW-11839: number of connected cMT Viewer clients
    • LW-11840 to 11912: cMT Viewer client 1 through 10 user names
    • LW-11940 to 11979: cMT Viewer client 1 through 10 IP address
  • Support for the Monopoly setting for “Device No Response” Window No.5. When monopoly is not enabled, you can specify the start position and displaying the title bar.

cMT Viewer

  • Event Display object: can now change event categories
  • can now hide Start button
  • Operation Log View object: can now set the displayed date range.
  • ABB EtherNet/IP (Implicit Messaging)
  • IDEC MicroSmart FC6A Series
  • Motrona CT-150, CT15012B, MC700, and BY340
  • Yaskawa MP3000 PLC Series (Ethernet)

Apr 10, 2018 – v6.00.02.112

Apr 10, 2018 v6.00.02.112

  • Added following system registers:
    • LB-12656: enable Diagnoser (set ON), disable (set OFF)
    • LB-12657: Diagnoser password free (when ON)
    • LW-11756: Diagnoser password
    • LW-11760: CODESYS firmware status (0: error, 1: start, 2: stop)
    • LW-11761: CODESYS application status (0: error, 1: start, 2: stop)
    • LW-11762: CODESYS login status (0: error, 1: login, 2: logout)
  • Additional debugging support- HMI can collect system information (HMI model name, OS version, EBPro version) and save to USB disk.
  • cMT Series: added Crystal and Flat styles to simplify appearance settings for Recipe View object.
  • cMT Series: added support for configuring down actions and up actions separately in the Combo button.
  • MQTT:
    • added support for MQTT v3.11 communication protocol.
    • added support for specifying length of Registration ID/Username/Password.
    • added support for removing bracket [] in JSON formatted messages.
    • added support for setting the number of digits after decimal point for Float.
    • added support for selecting whether to include timestamp (ts) and to verify timestamp (ts).
      Note: these additional features for MQTT allow better compatibility for cloud service providers such as IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, etc.
  • Added support for changing label tag name.
  • Added new mechanism to indicate related addresses in address grid.
    • Red: addresses used explicitly by an object.
    • Yellow: addresses used implicitly by an object.
    • For example, a numeric display object uses LW-0 as the read address. The LW-0 address, explicitly used, will be shown in red, whereas LW_bit-000 to LW_bit-015, implicitly used, is shown in yellow.
  • Improved security of project by prohibiting unauthorized decompilation attempts to obtain original project file.
  • Added support for keyword filtering in system register window.
  • Added support for the following models:
    • cMT3103 10.1″(1024x600pixels) HMI with support for cMTViewer. One Ethernet port, CANbus, Wi-Fi Functionality, two serial ports. 10-28VDC input. EasyAccess license included.
    • cMT3090 9.7″(1024x768pixels) HMI with built-in CODESYS (requires a license and dedicated OS).
  • Fixed issues where compilation is not properly carried out when simultaneously using user-defined tag and array.
  • Fixed an issue where local address cannot be used for certain settings when HMI name is not “Local HMI”.
  • Fixed an issue where LW-9030 shows incorrect time after running system for a long period.
  • Fixed an issue where text position of certain objects may be influenced when increasing number of languages.
  • Fixed an issue where certain system fonts may not be found.
  • CODESYS V3 (Ethernet) driver: Fixed an issue where String data type may not be accessed. Also fixed an issue where running driver may cause CODESYS to crash.

Feb 23, 2018 – v6.00.01.220

Feb 23, 2018 v6.00.01.220

  • Added system register LW-12024: disable alarm buzzer (set ON)
  • cMT Viewer: added support for the Pie Chart object.
  • Fixed issues relating to [Find/Replace] function.
  • Event Log object (cMT Series only): Fixed an issue where data is incorrectly displayed.
  • PLC Control object (cMT Series only): Fixed an issue where PLC object is ineffective when simultaneously selecting [Write data to PLC] and [Use window no. offset].
  • OPC UA object (cMT Series only): Fixed communications problem when using a cMT-SVR and the OPC UA Server.
  • Rockwell EtherNet/IP (CompactLogix) driver: adjusted the maximum number of reads and writes.
  • Mitsubishi FX5U- Binary mode (Ethernet) and Mitsubishi FX5U – ASCII Mode (Ethernet) drivers: added support for Remote Password.
  • Emerson SI-Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP driver: renamed to Control Techniques SI-Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP.
  • BACnet/IP driver: fixed problem when importing tags that have the user-defined object name causing incorrect communications.

Jan 17, 2018 – v6.00.01.174

Jan 17, 2018 v6.00.01.174

  • Updated version of EZwarePlus
    • Software name changed from EZwarePlus to EBPro
    • User Interface format changed from menus to ribbon layout
  • Added support for the following models:
    • cMT3072 7.0″(1024x600pixels) HMI with support for cMTViewer. Two Ethernet ports, three serial ports. 10-28VDC input. EasyAccess license included.
    • cMT3090 9.7″(1024x768pixels) HMI with support for cMTViewer to view HMI screen from remote location (iPad, Android device, or PC). Dual Ethernet. EasyAccess included.
    • cMT-G01 IIoT Gateway (no display capability) with two Ethernet ports and three serial ports.
    • cMT-G02 IIoT Gateway (no display capability) with support for OPC UA and/or MQTT (client or server) and WiFi connectivity (802.11b/g/n)
    • cMT-HDMI cMT without built-in display but with HDMI port to attach a touchscreen monitor of any size. Resolution up to 1920x1080pixels.
  • New SQL Query and SQL Query Result Viewer objects. Execute SQL statements, exchange data with MySQL database, and show SQL Query execution results.
  • Enable image caching for faster screen updates (see System Parameter Settings- Enable fast display mode…)
  • Added additional actions for Combo button: popup window, close window, keyboard input, screen hardcopy, Acknowledge Alarms, Import Data, and Wait Until.
  • Language feature extended to 24.
  • System Picture Library now supports custom colors.
  • System Parameter Settings option to change screen orientation: portrait or landscape.
  • History Data Display and Operation Log Display objects (cMT Series only): now support crystal and flat background styles.
  • Diagnoser app now supports cMT models.
  • Picture object: can now generate an object using the Windows clipboard.
  • Event Log (cMT Series only): provided statistical information for occurrence and elapsed time.
  • Backup object (cMT Series only): can now backup Data Logs that record data using Customized File Handling mode.
  • MQTT (cMT Series only): now supports AWS (Amazon Web Services) IoT.
  • Added system register LW-11406 for Wi-fi signal strength (dBm).
    • 0, 1, 2 indicate failed connection
    • else signal strength
  • Fixed problem where some projects would not compress due to insufficient memory.
  • Added time zones for time synchronization feature
  • fixed time synchronization issue on cMT3090 and cMT5151 models
  • Brightek printer driver: fixed problem with printing
  • SQL Query: can now use special characters in the column name without causing SQL syntax error.
  • Fixed printing problem where project screens appear displaced.
  • Combo button: can now use Recipe Address (would cause application to halt)
  • Fixed problem when using LW and LW_Bit system addresses simultaneously for an object; would cause application to halt.
  • Password prompt now displays after incorrect password attempted
  • IP settings are now correct after changing the cMT-D090 IP address
  • EasyAccess 1.0: can now use with HMI5070B model
  • Bosch Rexroth SIS (Absolute Addressing)
  • Emerson ROC800 Series Free Tag names
  • Emerson SI-Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP
  • CoDeSys V2 (Absolute Addressing)
  • CoDeSys V2 (Absolute Addressing) Ethernet
  • Delta AS300 MODBUS TCP/IP
  • Brother Speedio (Ethernet)
  • OPC UA driver:
    • (cMT-G01/cMT-G02 only): support for web interface to change OPC UA server parameters, edit nodes, manage certificates, and configure PLC comm. parameters.
    • support for automatic synchronization of user accounts for OPC UA server and Enhanced Security Mode. Changes made in the web interface are immediately available in server.
    • optimized speed when device disconnect message is updated at client end.
    • improved comm. efficiency when reading large amounts of data
    • o added tags relating to PLC connection stats.
  • BACnet/IP driver: now support configuring communication port.
  • Siemens S7-1200/S7-1500 (Absolute Addressing) Ethernet driver: Ranges for I, Q, M, Byte, Word, and DWORD now extended to 65532.
  • Mitsubishi FX Series (FXOS/FXON/FX1S/FX3G) driver: now supports pass-through function.
  • Schneider MODBUS RTU, TCP/IP, and UniTelway drivers: can now import tags
  • MODBUS RTU driver: fixed problem when using 0x_single_coil address and running simulation mode.
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