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Replace the Red Lion Kadet G307K200

Don’t want to change your machine or enclosure just because the Red Lion Kadet G307K200 is no longer available? Our HMI5070LB is a direct drop-in replacement, with the same screen resolution, I/O, panel cut-out, and equivalent software features. Our HMIs even support Remote Access functionality!

We understand how frustrating it can be when models go obsolete or become hard to find. Don’t change your machine, change your HMI. Our HMIs are competatively priced so switching to a Maple Systems HMI will save you time and money in engineering, redesign, and manufacturing changes.

A Maple Systems 7.0” HMI5070LB have has the same features as the G307K200 Kadet:

  • Slim, Panel-Mount design
  • Bright 7.0” TFT display with full color support
  • 800 x 480 Screen Resolution
  • 2 High-Speed Serial Ports
  • CE, UL, RoHS, IP65 front, and NEMA 4X

Free Configuration Software

We provide Getting Started Videos, Sample Projects, and Manuals so it’s easy for you to switch from Red Lion’s Crimson 3.0 software to Maple System’s, EBPro configuration software. We also offer Application Engineering for those of you who are looking for more help with the conversion process. EBPro supports over 350 controllers, PLCs, and drives.

For more information on Application Engineering, contact us at sales@maplesystems.com

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