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Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

Maple Systems Advanced and cMT series HMIs come with a built in VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server. Any third party VNC viewer client can log into a Maple HMI to see and control exactly what’s shown on the HMI screen. Configurable options on the Maple HMI include: set a password, enable monitor mode (view only – no control), allow single connection or multiple connections. Note: HMI IP address required for VNC access. VNC client applications for many different platforms are available online.

VNC Server

The cMT3151’s built-in VNC server allows users to remotely monitor their process.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Many Maple Systems HMIs possess a VNC server (included at no additional cost) which allows them to be remotely monitored from a number of devices (laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, and cell phones (iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, or any other smart device with VNC client capability)).

VNC Server Benefits

In recent years, there has been a vast improvement in HMI remote monitoring abilities. Remote control of the HMI means remote control of the PLCs and controllers that command the automation process. This opens a new universe of logistical improvements in the control process.*
Monitoring your automation process from a remote location has never been easier and offers many process control benefits.* What does that mean for the everyday operation of your plant?

Real-Life Applications

  • The grounds keeper at the golf course can operate several water sprinkling systems at the same time.
  • The manager at the packaging plant can monitor his shrink-wrap machine from his office.
  • The head custodian can adjust the air conditioning in his office complex even though he’s across town.

Additional ResourcesSample project :VNC Auto Log-off – Automatically logs out of a remote connection to the HMI using a VNC Viewer after a period of time.

Tech note :Enabling VNC – Enabling the VNC process.

Product video :VNC Control [ 2 min. 54 sec. ]
This video covers the basic VNC setup for a Maple Systems HMI. Maple Systems HMIs have a VNC Server that allows remote communication with remote laptop, desktop PC, cell phone, or other remote device.

Please note: While some HMI and RMI products enable users to monitor and control processes remotely, Maple Systems advises against remotely controlling any system/process which could potentially cause injury/death to the machine operator, other persons, equipment, or the facility itself. If any Maple Systems product is used in said manner, Maple Systems does not assume any liability for damages which may occur as a result.

VNC Viewer

Configure the VNC Viewer to connect to another HMI and display it on the HMI screen.

VNC Viewer

The VNC Viewer object in our configuration software allows an HMI to monitor and control another HMI using VNC (Virtual Network Computing).

Example: An automotive manufacturer has several 4.3″ HMIs at various points along an assembly line monitoring sub-assembly processes. A 12″ HMI is at the end of the line and the customer wants to monitor the 4.3″ HMIs with the 12″ HMI.

The VNC Viewer allows the 12″ HMI to view and control the 4.3″ sub-assembly HMIs quickly and seamlessly without interrupting the function of the 12″ HMI

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