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Headless HMIs: Making Remote Access Easy

IIoT Enablement with Maple Systems Headless HMIs

Sometimes affordability alone doesn’t make the cut. You need flexibility, security, and reliability.

And you’d like to take advantage of Cloud and IIoT platforms too, if you can…

This is where our headless HMIs shine. As part of our HMI Series, , our headless HMIs are tailored for remote access. EasyAccess 2.0 allows you to instantly and securely communicate with these versatile models from anywhere in the world. Monitor PLC operations, gather data, and remotely access your control system via the cMT Viewer App on your Apple/Android smart phone, or from your own tablet/laptop/PC.

Why do so many customers choose a headless HMI?

For customers who need versatility, remote access, and full MQTT support, our headless HMIs can’t be beat.

  • Low Cost, only $425.00
  • Connect to any of over 350 types of controllers
  • Securely monitor operations on your smartphone from anywhere in the world
  • Debug and update PLC applications remotely with our PLC Pass-Through technology
  • Publish MQTT Process Variables in Sparkplug B format or to any Public Cloud Provider
  • Encrypt traffic between MQTT Brokers and Edge Nodes with TLS 1.2
  • Generate compelling visuals and trend charts
  • Present visuals through the cMT Viewer app to PC or Smartphone users

All the software is FREE, did we mention?

  • EasyAccess 2.0 VPN license available
  • cMT Viewer app is free and supported on all PC and Mobile platforms
  • EBPro Configuration Software is free

What’s the form factor? And will the cMT Server be powerful enough for me?

  • Our headless HMIs are compact and can be DIN Rail mounted with ease
  • You have the option of displaying HMI screens served by a Maple headless HMI to any user with cMT Viewer installed on their Tablet, PC, or Smartphone
  • Enough horsepower to ingest, process, and publish data from dozens of local or remote devices, sensors, etc.
  • Built-in flash storage, with SD card slot for expansion and data backup
  • Dual-Ethernet ports
  • CE marked and UL listed
  • Extended Operating Temperature Range: -4° ~ 131°F (-20° ~ 55°C)
  • Supports OPC UA too!

Learn more about our headless HMIs

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