What is the Recipe Feature?

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What is the Recipe Feature?

A recipe defines a series of parameters assigned to internal HMI registers (non-volatile memory locations) that are downloaded to corresponding PLC registers for a predefined control process.

The Recipe feature in EBPro is used to create preset variables in the HMI for different batch processes. Manage batch processes and easily select different batch variables to download to the PLC.

Features include:

  • One-Click Recipes: The values in these registers are stored, then modified by the operator and acted upon by the HMI program. They are then sent to the PLC to attain a desired result – all with one click of a button. Similarly, multiple recipes or multiple values can be utilized to attain whatever desired results your HMI is programmed to produce, again – with just one click of a button:
  • Modify Recipes using Recipe View or Recipe Database Editor
  • View, Edit, and Select via Recipe View Use the Recipe View object to select individual recipes to download to the PLC.
  • Add, delete, or modify recipe records in the recipe view.
  • Edit Recipe Data via Recipe Database Editor
  • Open and edit the recipe database file in the Recipe Database Editor
  • Upload Recipe Data from the PLC If recipe data is changed in the PLC, it can be uploaded to the HMI and saved in the recipe database in the HMI.
  • Import/Export Recipe Data Export recipe data from the HMI to a USB flash drive or SD card as a CSV file, edit it in an external text editor, and import it back into the HMI. Import recipe data from a cMT Series connected as a remote HMI.

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