Missing plc drivers in EasyBuilder Pro.


Missing plc drivers in EasyBuilder Pro.

If an error occurs while attempting to open an EasyBuilder Pro project, which says something like, “Failed to open project, could not find xxxx driver.” Or if there are missing drivers in the driver selection menu when configuring a new driver:

This is likely due to a missing .dll file referenced by the EasyBuilder Pro user interface. To fix the issue run the VC2012_redist_x86.exe installer file found in the EasyBuilder Pro install directory:

By default, this file can be found in C:MapleSystemsEBPro. Or wherever EasyBuilder Pro is installed on your system. This will install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86) on your system. After installation is complete restart EasyBuilder Pro and try to open the project file or select the missing driver. If the issue is still not resolved, contact technical support support for further assistance.

Content Created by Mike Sheldon
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