I’m having trouble connecting to a SQL database


I’m having trouble connecting to a SQL database

Please note that steps to connect to a SQL database depend on the configuration and location of the SQL database. For example, a SQL database may reside on the physical OMI or Industrial PC, in a virtual machine, or on a remote SQL Server on or off your network.


STEP:1. Verify that SQL Server port is not being blocked by a network or local Windows® firewall. The default SQL Server port is 1433. If that port is unavailable, then the OS will choose the next available port. Outgoing TCP connections need to be enabled for SQL Server and incoming connections to the SQL Server port to be enabled.

STEP:2. From the Windows® Command Prompt (‘cmd.exe’), try to ping the SQL Server using an IP Address or ‘IP_ADDRESSINSTANCE_NAME’. For example, type: ‘ping ‘, or ‘ping ‘ and hit Enter.

STEP:3. Verify that the username and password are correct, and that your named instance is in the correct format.

STEP:4. Use the SQL Server Configuration Manager to make sure the services are running and that the TCP/IP and Named Pipes are enabled.

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