How to import Modbus tags from MAPware (IEC mode) into EBPro.

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How to import Modbus tags from MAPware (IEC mode) into EBPro.

MAPware-EBPro Modbus tag converter tool will not work if your application is in IEC Mode.
This tool was designed for the Native Ladder (deprecated) programming mode that had
pre-assigned Modbus addresses assigned each local address.


If your MAPware application uses IEC mode, you must create tags in the tag database and assign Modbus
addresses to them. In order to import tags from MAPware into EBPro, export a
tag .csv file from both MAPware and EBPro. Open both files to get an idea of
the format that each uses, then copy the relevant information from the MAPware
tag .csv file to the EBPro tag .csv file (such as tag name, data type, modbus
address etc.)

Before exporting the tag file from EBPro, you may want to create some dummy tags in the Tag Address database in EBPro for relevant data types you will be importing. That way, you will be able to see how those tags are formatted and can copy over the tag information to match this format.

Once you have copied over the relevant information with the correct format, save the EBPro tag file and import it back into your EBPro project.

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