How to enable VNC in a cMT-FHD

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How to enable VNC in a cMT-FHD

Since the Settings window for the cMT-FHD does not have an
option to enable the VNC server, you can do it with a System Bit in the HMI.
LB-12092 is used to enable/disable the VNC server. LB-12093 is used to select
single-connection or multi-connection (OFF=single; ON=multi). You could place a
Toggle Switch on a window to manually enable/disable VNC, or use a Set Bit
object on the Common Window (Window 4) to enable it when the HMI starts up.

LB-12092 must be turned OFF before LB-12093 can be toggled ON or OFF.


data-filename=”SetBit.JPG” style=”width: 496px;”>


You can set the VNC password in the System Parameters >
Remote tab.


data-filename=”Password_From_Project.JPG” style=”width: 558px; height: 295.158px;”>


You can also use LW-9530 through LW-9533 to display or
change the VNC login password. Use an ASCII Object assigned to LW-9530,
configured for four words.

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