How do I send SMS (text message) or MMS notifications out from my HMI?

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How do I send SMS (text message) or MMS notifications out from my HMI?

Any alarm or event in EBPro can be set up so that an Email is sent once a trigger condition is met. (Video on how to enable push notifications).  SMS and MMS notifications can also be sent to users of your HMI application via the built-in SMTP email server on Maple Systems Advanced and Smart cMT HMIs.

If you have not yet configured your HMI to send email notifications, please review our video on YouTube: Automated Email Alerts.

Once you have configured the SMTP email server, you can follow the steps below to add recipients to whom you would like to send SMS or MMS messages:

  • SMS/MMS notifications on Maple Systems HMIs take advantage of the free Email-to-SMS Gateway services offered by all major cell phone service providers.
  • In order to send an SMS/MMS to a user, you will need to know which cell phone provider that individual uses.
  • The syntax for each provider varies, as shown below:

Verizon: SMS
Verizon: MMS
T-Mobile: SMS or MMS
Sprint: SMS
Sprint: MMS

For example, if you plan to send event notifications to an individual who uses AT&T and the event message is plain text with no attachments, then you can use the following syntax for someone with the phone number 1-222-333-4444:


If you plan to attach media to your message, such as a screenshot of a Window from your HMI application, then instead you should use the MMS syntax:


For each individual to whom you wish to send SMS or MMS messages, add the user’s name and contact information to the Recipients list, and then add them to a Group:

data-filename=”MMS.PNG” style=”width: 80%;”>

After you’ve added a recipient, you may click the ‘Test SMTP Settings’ button and select the recipient’s group in order to send a test message.

Once you’ve configured your recipients, proceed to edit or add new Alarms and Events, checking the ‘Email’ option, and designating the Group, in order to notify users when events occur.

If the user in question uses another cell phone service provider, consult that provider’s online documentation regarding “Email to SMS Gateways” to find the syntax they require in order to use this feature.

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