How do I calibrate an HMI touchscreen?

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How do I calibrate an HMI touchscreen?

To calibrate Maple Systems HMIs with four DIP switches on the back:

  1. Turn DIP switch 1 to the ON position and cycle power on the HMI. This will cause it to boot into calibration mode.
  2. Don’t forget to turn the DIP switch back OFF when completed.

To calibrate the HMI5070TH/HMI5070NH/HMI5100N:

  1. Locate the DIP switches behind the rubber cover on the back of the HMI5070TH/NH or HMI5100N.
  2. With a small screwdriver, flip DIP switch #1 into the “UP” position.
  3. Cycle power on the HMI (or push the Reset button next to the DIP switches). It will boot into calibration mode with the following text on the screen:
    “TSLIB calibration utility. Touch crosshair to calibrate.”
  4. Touch the “+” crosshair in the upper left, upper right, lower right, lower left, and center of screen. Each touch should last about one second.
  5. After touching the center crosshair, a message will appear, “Restore to default password?” Select “No” or allow the message to timeout. The HMI will then boot into the program.
  6. Flip DIP switch #1 back to the “DOWN” position when finished.

For all other HMIs:

  1. Press and hold your finger on the touchscreen while the HMI is powering up and it will start up in calibration mode.
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