How do I add a picture to the Picture Library and use the picture on an Object?

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How do I add a picture to the Picture Library and use the picture on an Object?

To add and use a picture from the Picture Library:

  1. In EBPro, the software, go to the Project tab and select “Picture” in the Library section.
  2. Select a picture from the Picture Library to duplicate or modify.
    NOTE: This cannot be done with pictures in any of the “System” libraries.
  3. Click the Export button; this will allow you to save the graphic picture to your computer’s hard drive. To modify the graphic, use an external graphics editor like Microsoft® Paint.
  4. It is recommended to create a new library for custom pictures. Click the New Library button in the Picture Manager.
  5. Enter a file name for your new library then click open.
  6. If the library does not exist, select Yes to create the library.
  7. Click the New button to import a picture into the new library.
  8. In the Open window, navigate to the directory where the graphic picture is stored on your computer and click Open.
  9. Click OK to save the picture into the Picture Library.
  10. Repeat the steps above to save multiple pictures to the one library location.
  11. Use the Up/Down arrows to move a selected picture to a different position in the picture library states.
  12. Click OK to complete creation of the custom picture library.
  13. Create a Word Lamp Object with multiple states.
  14. Go to the Shape tab and tick the “Use Picture” checkbox, then click the Picture Library… button.
  15. Select the new picture in the Custom library and click OK.
  16. Click OK and place the Word Lamp on the development screen. During runtime, the value in the read address of the Word Lamp will dictate which state is displayed (value 0 will display state 0; value 1 will display state 1, etc.).

See Tech Note 5108, “Multi-State Picture/Shape” for more information.

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