Can I pair an Advanced HMI with a Maple Systems PLC (MLC)?

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Can I pair an Advanced HMI with a Maple Systems PLC (MLC)?

Yes. Our Basic, Advanced, & cMT HMI series can be paired with our PLC products via Modbus RTU or TCP. The Modbus Slave driver is configured in the PLC software (MAPware-7000), and the Modbus Master driver is configured in HMI software (EBPro). Tags can be exported and imported in both directions.<br /><br />

You can find information on using the Modbus TCP/IP Slave driver in this <a href=”/General/DownloadFile?s=cs&n=CIS&f=10380128.pdf”>Controller Info Sheet</a>.<br />

The Modbus TCP/IP driver in EBPro is documented in this <a href=”/General/DownloadFile?s=cs&n=CIS&f=10360081.pdf”>Controller Info Sheet</a>.<br />

We have a utility that can be used to import tags from a MAPware-7000 project into an EBPro project. You can download that from <a href=”/General/DownloadFile?s=sw&n=MAPware-7000%20Modbus%20Tag%20Converter&”>here</a>. Documentation on using this tool can be found in <a href=”/General/DownloadFile?s=tn&n=MAPware-7000%20Tag%20Modbus%20Converter%20to%20EBPro&f=09077015.pdf”>Tech. Note 7015</a>,

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