Customer’s Project

The Honing machine had 3 main functions for consideration when Bart created the HMI project in EBpro, Maple Systems free HMI configuration software:

  1. Parts to be polished are placed on the slide table which goes back and forth
  2. The operator sets the travel distance, number of oscillation cycles, and speed
  3. Once the process is started the machine cannot stop else the part is ruined

The interface on the HMI to access the internal logic was modeled after one of the Maple Systems demo projects. Bart was able to use the demo project as a starting point and create a fully operational project.

Additionally, Bart programmed the Maple System HMI to use a communication command process that queues requests, a dispatcher/response synchronizer to associate command requests and drive responses, and a drive response parser to process info received from a Stack Stepper drive.

HMI interface and user screens

After several months, Bart created a very sophisticated implementation using a Maple Systems HMI that proved to be very successful. “The code is unique because it derives from my days working for Bridgeport Machines in engineering and software development.” Bart states, “BPTM was formerly one of the largest machine tool builders in the US.”

Screen example: Maple Systems HMI as programmed for use by the machine operator.
Screen example: The HMI interface to access the internal logic.
Screen example: Operator Setup Menu.
Screen example: HMI screen used for debugging the communications and command processing between the HMI and the Stack Stepper Drive.

Using a Maple Systems HMI, Bart Stater, from CNC Solutions and Service, was able to improved quality, rate of production, and reduced the reject rate on the Honing machine.

Our Value Promise

Long renowned in the Industrial Automation industry for the quality of technical support we have provided for decades, Maple Systems has a reputation for connecting customers with someone who knows our products inside and out. Whether it is one of our trusted System Integrator partners, Distributors, or our own engineering team, we are happy to connect you with a knowledgeable engineer dedicated to understanding your application.

Supported Products

Choose from touchscreen HMIs in display sizes of 4.3″, 7”, 9.7”, 10”, 12”, 15”, 15.6″, as well as headless HMIs and edge-gateways. Our industry-leading features include Capacitive Touchscreens, Wi-Fi, Dual Ethernet, Remote Access, Class 1, Div 2; IIoT protocols such as MQTT, Ignition, SparkPlug B, and more.

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