Aqua Sierra Controls

Aqua Sierra Controls is an Instrumentation and Electrical Contractor specializing in process control automation for industrial and municipal installations.

Industry: Water / Wastewater Treatment
Location: California, USA

The Problem

During their large revamping of a utility control system, Aqua Sierra’s customer North Tahoe Utilities needed a PC-based HMI to run a simple Wonderware SCADA project as an interface. The PC needed to allow 3rd party software logging and reporting tools for their utility management system. The control room facility is climate controlled with large windows and bright overhead lighting. The remote facility did not have Ethernet cabling out to the PC location, however there was a Wi-Fi router connection nearby.

The Solution

Aqua Sierra chose one our of High Brightness Industrial Panel PCs with option Wi‑Fi and a Windows OS.

The 3 main requirements are met with a Maple Systems PC:

  1. High Brightness Display: A high brightness display was a requirement in the remote facility because of the windows and overhead lighting. The bright 1000 nit display they chose allows viewing the display panel from almost any angle regardless of time of day and ambient light situation. Panel space was also a consideration, so Aqua Sierra chose a compact 10” capacitive touch screen that met their needs.
  2. Wi-Fi Accessibility: The wireless option on the Maple Systems PC allowed Aqua Sierra to easily connect the display to the facility wireless network without running additional Ethernet cable to the PC.
  3. Windows OS: Because our PCs are customizable, they were able to add a Windows OS to accommodate their customer’s Windows-based application specific software.

Aqua Sierra has a long history of using Maple Systems products in their utility and water/wastewater projects including our OIT text terminals and HMI touchscreens.

Our Value Promise

Long renowned in the Industrial Automation industry for the quality of technical support we have provided for decades, Maple Systems has a reputation for connecting customers with someone who knows our products inside and out. Whether it is one of our trusted System Integrator partners, Distributors, or our own engineering team, we are happy to connect you with a knowledgeable engineer dedicated to understanding your application.

Supported Products

Our Industrial High Brightness/Sunlight Readable PCs featuring a 1000 nit TFT SVGA LCD, touchscreens are designed for all your light intensive environments. These sunlight readable PCs are the touchscreens you’ve been looking for. In bright environments it can be nearly impossible to see what is displayed on a standard 200-350 nit backlit screen.

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