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HMI5000 Series
cMT Series


Fixing Port 8000 Occupied Error in Project Simulation








When using the Offline or Online Simulator, an error stating “The HMI system is being prohibited from accessing local devices. Please check if the HMI port no. (8000) is occupied.” can occur. This document describes some methods of fixing this issue.


Check for com_e30.exe

The Simulator relies on an external process to run correctly, com_e30.exe. If this process is running before the Simulator begins, however, it can interfere with how the Simulator works, causing the Port 8000 error.

If you are getting the Port 8000 error, first close out of all active simulations. Then, open the Windows Task Manager by hitting Ctrl + Shift + Esc and navigate to the Processes tab. If you see com_e30.exe in the processes tab and do not have any simulations open, simply highlight the com_e30.exe process and click End Process.

Changing the Used Port Number

If the Port 8000 error is being caused by another software using port 8000, the port used by the Simulator can also be changed. To do this, navigate to the System Parameter Settings window in EZwarePlus or EBPro. In EZwarePlus, this is located in Edit -> System Parameters, and in EBPro this is located in Home -> System Parameters.

In the System Parameter Settings window, navigate to the Model tab. Near the top a Port no. selection, which corresponds to the port used by the Simulator. Simply change this to an unused port number. For this example, we will change it to 9000.

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