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Support Center: Controller Information Sheets – HMIs

Maple Systems offers support of more than 300 controller protocols for Maple products (including HMIs, HMI + PLCs, Light/Heavy Industrial Panel PCs, Alphanumeric OITs, and Webstudio software). Controller Information sheets provide instructions and settings for each protocol, allowing your Maple product to communicate with a specific PLC brand.

Selecting the Right Controller Information Sheet for Your PLC:

  1. Locate the controller manufacturer using search option or the page numbers.
  2. Locate your controller model using the controller family column
  3. Staying in your row, move right. Click the green circle under the applicable Maple product line.
wdt_ID Controller Manufacturer Controller Family HMI
1 ASCII -- Any products that use the simple ASCII communications format. AC500
2 ABB AC500
3 ABB NextMove ES
4 ABB TotalFlow FCU
5 Acroloop Motion Controllers
6 Aerotech Modbus RTU
7 Aerotech Motion Controllers (Ethernet)
8 Aerotech Motion Controllers (Serial)
9 Allen-Bradley CompactLogix (Serial)
10 Allen-Bradley CompactLogix, ControlLogix, FlexLogix (Serial) - Free Tags
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