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5 Truths About the IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It’s impossible to attend a conference or check your email without seeing the term. Though the IIoT generates a lot of buzz, it’s really a term that describes getting connected to the web.

IIoT-ready Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) allow companies to take data from the manufacturing floor and share it with a local or cloud-based server, where it can be used company-wide, regardless of the user’s location. The translation of machine data to actionable information allows companies to make cost-saving decisions and allocate resources more appropriately.

But many companies are hesitating to implement, not taking advantage of the available technology. Even if customers are not ready to integrate their systems right away, they will want to implement an IIoT strategy to keep up with their competition. When customers decide to implement the IIoT concept, your machine should be ready without the need for downtime and replacements.

Despite the benefits, companies may not recognize the full value of starting implementation early. Too often, they have fears about how difficult or costly the process is. Here are some of the most common things to remember,

Truth 1: Implementation can be cost effective.

There are ways of becoming IIoT-ready without major capital investments. For example, as part of our cMT Series, we have IIoT-ready Servers, HMIs, and Communication Gateways as low as $425 for compact applications or large displays with incorporated servers or Gateway for only $1800.

By adding an IIoT-enabled model to new equipment, companies allow customers the flexibility to add the capability now or later without major upgrades or downtime. Companies can implement the IIoT at any time by utilizing the features already built into the hardware. Without purchasing airfare or sending products by mail to update. This keeps the costs down, in addition to the keeping your customer’s costs down.

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