Can I pair a Maple Systems Advanced HMI with a cMT model?

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Can I pair a Maple Systems Advanced HMI with a cMT model?

Yes, pairing an Advanced HMI with a Smart cMT Server adds additional functionality that the Advanced HMI doesn’t have on its own.

Our Advanced HMIs have a built-in touchscreen to provide feedback and allow input from on-site personnel. If that is all that’s required, a standard HMI may be enough. On the other hand, if you want the convenience of monitoring and accessing your system without having to walk to where the HMI is physically located, one of our Smart cMT Servers is a great option. Utilize your Android or Apple smart phone or tablet to “Wi-Fi” into the Smart Server remotely.*

Our Smart cMT Servers can easily monitor multiple systems from one location: Install the cMT Viewer application onto your Windows® PC to monitor multiple cMTs (up to 50 at one time) from any location on your local network. Simply click on the HMI to display it on your PC, then monitor or control the HMI from your PC.

With EasyAccess 2.0 built-in, MQTT, Web Streaming, and SQL database functionality, adding a Smart Server to an existing Advanced HMI allows your organization to take advantage of the IoT to improve your company’s bottom line.

Visit our Product pages to learn more about our Advanced and cMT Models.

* Requires that your smart device and Smart cMT Server be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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