How do I display historical trend data?

To display historical trend data within the Trend Display Object, you will first need to configure the indexed Data Sampling Object to enable the saving of the sampled data to History Files. The Sampled Data can be saved to HMI memory or USB disk. style=”width: 938px;” data-filename=”Untitled.png”> Once the indexed Data Sampling object has been…

How do I update the Firmware on a cMT-iV5 and/or a cMT-iV6?

The Utility Manager application that comes bundled and installed with EBPro, features a Firmware upgrade utility for the cMT-iV5 and iV6. The Utility Manager application is located in the root of the EBPro installation directory. By default, it is installed in C:Maple SystemsEBProUtilityManagerEx.exe. You will need to select the cMT X Series as the model…

Trend data on HMC in MAPware7000

There are two options for trending data in MAPware7000. Both of these objects can be found in the “Advanced Objects” menu. Real Time Trend:  The Real Time Trend is used to display a trend graph that represents up to four tag registers. The graph polls the registers on a timed basis and displays the values as plots…

What happens when HMI memory is full?

When HMI memory is full system bit LB-9035 HMI free space insufficiency Alarm will be set on and the HMI will stop recording data to memory.

I’m having trouble seeing data in my Trend Display.

In the Trend Display Object’s Properties window, on the Channel tab, the Min and Max limits are set at 1 and 2 by default. Set the Min and Max limits to a range that is appropriate for the data being sampled and displayed.

What is the PLC Control Object?

The PLC Control object in EBPro is a feature in the software that can execute commands when it is triggered by a PLC bit or word. Click [Object] » [PLC Control] icon on the toolbar to open the PLC Control Object management dialog box. To add a PLC Control object, click [New], set up the…

What is Window 50?

Keypads and keyboards are part of the template files included with EBPro, beginning on Window 50. When starting a new project in EBPro, make sure the “Use template” option is checked on the “New Project” window when selecting the HMI model to use. Keypads can be added or removed from the project in the System…

What is the Data Transfer Object?

The Data Transfer Object in EBPro allows you to move data from one PLC to another PLC, or from one area of memory to another.

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