Why Choose Maple Alphanumeric OITs?

Maple Systems Alphanumeric OITs (Operator Interface Terminals) are a powerful option for any automation processes and industries. When solid performance and reliability are key, trust more than 20 years of excellent in-field performance. Learn about our Alphanumeric OIT solutions below:

Versatile Applications
Built to Last
Maple’s Alphanumeric OITs have been used in the most rigorous of environments for over two decades, meeting each application in outstanding fashion. This includes use in outdoor applications such as oil & gas, commercial power generation and distribution, crop irrigation, and other applications operating in extreme environments. Maple OITs are designed, assembled, and manufactured in the USA.
Extended Temp
All Maple OITs have an extended operating temperature range of -10° C to 65° C (14° F to 149° F), allowing for operation in a wide range of demanding indoor and outdoor environments.
Class I, Division 2
UL has rated this product line for Class I, Division 2 applications. Maple OITs are perfect for hazardous industries such as oil and gas, mining, industrial and automotive painting, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food processing, and more. In addition to Class I, Division 2, all Maple OITs are CE, NEMA4X, and IP65 rated. Explore all of our Class I, Division 2 products.
2 Year Warranty
All Maple OIT products are backed by a solid two year warranty covering electrical and mechanical defects in material and workmanship. With extended hours, fast repair turnaround times, and advanced technical support, we've got you covered. Review our full Warranty Statement.
Comprehensive Support
All OIT products are backed by our comprehensive online Support Center and complimentary technical support. Enjoy peace of mind knowing our quality products are backed by a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist via email or phone, Monday - Friday from 6:30am to 4:30pm PST. Great help is only a call or click away.
Easy to Use Software
Maple’s OIT products are some of the easiest display products to configure on the market today and have proven their performance over numerous applications. The Maple OIT configuration software offers a simple format with features that are easy to use.
Extensive Features
Responsive Keypad
The keypad on the OIT product line is configurable to your application in both function and appearance. Keys can be set by the programmer as part the application to do various operations. The OIT’s configuration software enables a user to program keys as function, control, or numeric keys. On the OIT3160 and OIT4160, the keys even provide operators with tactile feedback when pushed.
IIoT Ready
Global and Screen Dependent Keys
Most Maple OITs allow both global and screen dependent key functions. Global key functions means that a designated key will have the same operation for all 500 screens displayed. If a key is configured as screen dependent, this means a key can have a unique operation for any of the screens displayed. You can have a combination of both functions, as needed, for your unique project.
Fully Certified
Custom Key Legends
Global and screen dependent keys require a special key pad for user operation. Maple OIT products offer a key legending feature that gives you a fully customized keyboard easily and affordably. Simply slide out the Maple supplied insert and replace it with your own, allowing you to customize the look and function of your OIT. You can even include a company logo. The OIT's tough polyester overlay provides for a water tight protective insert for any graphics added in the clear window area.
2 year warrantly
LCD and VFD Display Options
Maple System OITs come in two display types: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and VFD (Vacuum Florescent Display). Great for normal lighting conditions, Maple’s high-contrast backlit LCD OITs are an affordable, rugged, and reliable solution. Maple also offers OITs with VFD displays, which is especially useful in situations where a crisp high-contrast display is desired. Choose a Vacuum Fluorescent OIT when you need an interface with a light-emitting display that is more readily viewable in low-light environments. VFD units are also rugged in terms of handling daily operational conditions and environments.
Excellent Product, Excellent Price
Maple Systems offers some of the most affordable pricing in the industry, regardless of the size and type of unit. Our Alphanumeric OITs series offers two quality display sizes and two display technologies, at some of the lowest prices in the marketplace for extended temperature and Class I, Division 2 application displays. As always, special pricing is available for distributors, OEMs, systems integrators, value-added resellers, and volume discounts. Contact our Sales Resource Group for more information.

Power your industrial control with Maple Systems Alphanumeric OITs.