Hardware Overview

When you combine a Maple System Light or Heavy Industrial Panel PC with award-winning Web Studio Software you'll have one of the most powerful industrial control, monitoring, and SCADA tools available. Maple's award-winning touchscreens offer everything you need in an industrial computer, including high-quality components, impressive connectivity, fast processors, and clear high-contrast displays. With several models to choose from, we have the size and functionality you need.

Light Industrial Panel PC

Need open-platform Windows capabilities, yet you don't want to invest in a full scale Heavy Industrial Panel PC? Our Light Industrial Panel PCs meet that need perfectly and come in sizes ranging from 7" to 21.5". Running on a Windows operating system, our Light Industrial Panel PCs leave a smaller footprint and are less expensive than full-scale Panel PCs.

Doing so means you'll receive the power and capabilities of Web Studio on a unit that is more powerful than a standard HMI but less expensive than a Heavy Industrial Panel PC. And because Maple's
Light Industrial Panel PCs are customizable, you can select the display size, hard drive, memory, and software that meets your unique needs.

Heavy Industrial Panel PC

Maple's Industrial Panel PCs provide a certified heavy-duty touchscreen interface for operating
powerful Web Studio, giving Maple's Industrial Panel PCs the ability to accomplish any industrial automation/SCADA task you can think of.

Maple Systems Heavy Industrial Panel PCs are durable Windows 7 computers designed to operate in hostile industrial environments. Built to last, our Heavy Industrial Panel PCs are constructed with a rugged aluminum bezel and steel enclosure. Display sizes range from 15" to 19".