FX-Series PLCs


Maple Systems offers a complete line-up of simple, low-cost Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with built-in I/O. These stand-alone PLCs share the same configuration software used with Maple's HMI + PLC product lines. Now you can program your HMI and PLC using the same software – reducing the learning curve and making it easy to share data between the HMI and PLC.

These powerful units are fully functional PLCs with digital and analog I/O that support high-speed counters and PWM (pulse width modulation). Analog I/O options support several voltage and current modes as well as RTD (resistance temperature detection) and thermocouple sensors to measure temperature.

Use Maple's easy-to-use configuration software to program your PLC in native ladder logic or any IEC61131-3 programming language. These PLCs support communications with Maple's HMI + PLC and popular HMI lines, native Modbus RTU (serial), and Modbus TCP/IP (Ethernet models only). And with support for major PLC manufacturers (Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Omron, Siemens, and more), easily add a Maple Systems PLC to your existing control system for additional I/O.