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Use ladder logic or IEC61131-3 programming to create the logic for monitoring and controlling your system. Read more >

The intuitive Ladder Logic editor comes with a complete set of instructions to get your project up and running in just a short amount of time. Read more >

IEC 61131-3 is a section of an International Electro-Technical Committee (IEC) standard that provides a definition for implementing PLC programming software. Read more >

A variety of assigned tasks can be performed by pressing a button when a particular screen is displayed or when the PLC is powered on. Read more >

Tags are names assigned to PLC/HMI addresses used in a project, allowing for easier identification of each address by descriptive name, rather than by register address. Read more >

This handy feature is similar to a Watch window. It allows you to contruct a table of memory addresses that can be monitored from the MAPware-7000 software while your PC is connected 'online' to a Maple PLC. Read more >

Enter and change data or process variables in the PLC using a variety of different methods. Read more >

Data logged to the external SD card can also be periodically sent to an FTP server as a .csv file through the Ethernet port. Read more >

Screens are displayed in the web browser as if it were a website. Only text based objects and static images are supported in this type of screen. Read more >

Use Offline Simulation to see how your project will look on the PLC without actually downloading it into the device. Read more >