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MAPware-7000 is the configuration software used to program all HMI + PLCs. Use just one software application to program both the screens that appear in the display as well as the logic that controls your system. Read more >

The main screen in MAPware-7000 is divided into logical sections providing access to many tools needed to create a unique graphic display including: menus and toolbars, project information, screens and logic block work area, and individual properties for selected objects. Read more >

MAPware-7000 provides a method for converting a project created for one model into a project for a different model. Read more >

Transfer a block of data from one memory location to another with the push of a button or with Ladder Logic instruction.
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MAPware-7000 includes a library of stock graphic images that can be used to build a project. You may also use your own custom images. Read more >

Use ladder logic or IEC61131-3 programming to create the logic for monitoring and controlling your system. Read more >

Use the Memory Status Box to keep track of memory usage and available memory in your project. Read more >

Go online with your HMI + PLC while the project is running to monitor the logic blocks. Use the Data Monitor window to view internal memory registers. Read more >

Use Offline Simulation to see how your project will look on the HMI + PLC without actually downloading it into the device.
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Security measures enable users to password protect a project and the ability to access certain screens. Read more >

A variety of assigned tasks can be performed by pressing a button when a particular screen is displayed or when the HMI + PLC is powered on. Read more >