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Display an alarm message on screen to notify the operator when a parameter or process goes out of bounds. Read more >

The Data Entry feature offers you a variety of methods to edit data in the PLC. Read more >

Enter and change data or process variables in the HMI + PLC using a variety of different methods. Read more >

Choose from a variety of fonts and colors to enhance the look of your screens. Configure your project to display up to nine different languages. Read more >

Display analog data such as temperature, voltage, current, and speed in familiar easy-to-read formats. Read more >

Easily manage batch processes by selecting different batch variables used for a specific process with the simple push of a button. Read more >

Create customized screens using graphic images included with the software, or personalize them with your own custom images. Read more >

The HMI + PLC provides a graphical user interface to monitor a system as well as the underlying logic to control it based on the status of analog and digital inputs and outputs. Read more >

Trigger events after an elapsed period of time with a Timer. Count events or quantities with a Counter. Read more >