Please click on the following cMT features for more detailed subject information:

The cMT Series supports connecting a barcode scanner to the HMI and displaying the scanned barcode data on the HMI screen.
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The cMT Viewer provides a way to monitor the cMT Series from a PC, Industrial Panel PC, iPad, and Android tablet or smartphone. Read more >

EBPro uses CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) to print to a variety of printers using their PPD (Postscript Printer Description) files. Read more >

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight, low bandwidth protocol that works between clients and a broker (server) to publish and subscribe data (topics) among devices. Read more >

The cMT Series can connect to a MySQL database server on a PC. MySQL is a popular open source database that was originally developed by Oracle Corporation. It is used to add, access, and manage content in a relational database management system.
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OPC UA (Open Process Control – Unified Architecture) is a communication technology often used in industrial automation fields, featuring cross-platform interoperability and standardized communication. Read more >

The Operation Log provides a method for recording operator actions on the HMI, displays them in real-time on the HMI screen, and records them to a SQLite database file in the HMI. Read more >

The cMT Server stores the recipes used by all on-site machines in a recipe database.
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Configure the VNC Viewer to connect to another HMI and display it on the HMI screen. Read more >

Synchronize the cMT Series real-time clock with an NTP server.Read more >

Video from a USB camera connected to the cMT-SVR can be streamed and viewed in a web browser on a PC or mobile device.
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Most Maple HMI and Weintek cMT models also support the following features. Please click each feature for more detailed information:

When something goes wrong, make sure the people who can fix it know about the issue, no matter where they are. Read more >

Add motion to your application to guide the operator's attention to a certain area of the screen or indicate motion of a process.
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Connect an external speaker to select models or use the built in audio feature of the cMT Viewer app to play audio alarms or messages that will grab the operator's attention. Read more >

Easily create simple bar and trend graphs to represent complex data, in multiple formats including floating point. Read more >

The Data Entry feature offers you a variety of methods to edit data in the PLC. Read more >

Collect data through data logging and sampling to deliver insight into your system's process. Read more >

Collect and distribute process data that makes sense. Read more >

Data can be displayed in many different ways where the type of data may dictate the way in which it is displayed. Read more >

Configure the HMI to send an e-mail with alarm information or data files. Read more >

Choose from a variety of fonts and text styles to fit the look and feel of your project. Read more >

You can create graphics-rich screens using graphics from libraries or imported bitmaps, JPGs, or animated GIFs Read more >

With the power of macros, HMI functionality is limited only by your imagination. Use macros to create a custom PLC protocol, perform complex math operations, scale PLC data, and much more.Read more >

The Media Player allows playback of media files on the HMI screen. Read more >

Simulate easy-to-read analog controls such as temperature, current, pressure, speed, that can be customized to your unique application. Read more >

What if your machine could train the operator how to use it? Play video, audio files, display images or live video, and import custom graphics files. Read more >

The Multi-Language feature is a great resource for OEMs wanting to market to different countries—easily select different languages for your projects Read more >

Customize screen designs utilizing our graphic libraries of lamps, buttons, and switches, or import your own custom graphics. Read more >

Manage batch processes and easily select different batch variables to download to the PLC. Read more >

Customize screen designs with our easy-to-use graphics libraries—or import your own custom graphics. Read more >

Manage access to your control system and keep your facility safe. Enjoy operational security features to prevent the wrong person from accessing your information. Read more >

Trend graphs allow you to represent related complex data in a simple, visual format. Read more >

Display video from a USB or IP camera to help monitor and control your process. Read more >

The cMT3151's built-in VNC server allows users to remotely monitor their process. Read more >

Maple Systems offers a secure access point to an existing Wi-Fi network that can provide a unified, reliable, and an easy way to manage production. Read more >