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Maple Systems text-based Operator Interface Terminals (OITs) are the perfect solution for industrial control. Read more >

Maple Systems OITs ensure strict compliance with industry standards to provide you with the highest quality product. Read more >

Operating in normal lighting conditions? Choose an LED backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Read more >

For easier viewing in low light environments, choose a Vacuum Fluorescent Display OIT. Read more >

Enjoy flexibility with programmable custom keys. Many OITs also offer the option to create custom slide-in legends. Read more >

Serial communication allows OITs to read from and write to PLCs and motion controllers. Read more >

The OIT continuously monitors registers in the controller to display correct screens and perform special functions. Read more >

The controller uses the Current Message Register to determine which screen should be displayed on the OIT. Read more >

The OIT uses keypress data to activate coils in the controller to properly display and communicate information. Read more >

Easily monitor, display, and update the controller's discreet and register memory. Includes set points and linear scaling. Read more >