MAPware-7000 Release

Maple Systems has released our newest version of MAPware-7000 (v2.30.60). Enjoy new features and enhancements that streamline the functionality of your HMI + PLC. Updates include the addition of new PLC communication drivers and newly added or updated tools.

New and Improved Features:   

  • The Debugging Tool in the Native Ladder editor allows users the ability to quickly diagnose and fix their PLC application.

  • Support for Arrays has been added in IEC mode to help users better organize application data.

  • The Convert Application Tool allows users to seamlessly convert a project from one model and screen size to another model/screen size.

  • Enjoy new and expanded comprehensive logic including Trig and Math Instructions and Scaling Instructions designed to make creating logic easier.

  • Customize the layout of any project by choosing Horizontal or Vertical display orientation.

  • Use the newly revised Tag Sorts to help organize project tags more efficiently.

  • Save time and update projects quickly using the new Enhanced USB Download feature.

  • New improvements to XY Plot helps users display needed information in a visual, easy-to-understand format.

  • Enjoy PLC Communication Drivers have been added including:

  • New updates to MAPware-7000 comprehensive information:
Download the newest version of MAPware-7000 today.